Rio Grande and Orchid - Show us your bench, win a Rio gift card

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Contest ends at midnight tonight!

Ack! I am having trouble with the pictures!

Alas, it kept rejecting my images. And it didn’t go through all the way the first time. I had to reduce them and then it stuck uploading them a couple of times sooooo I think it went through after the last stroke.

Contest is now closed! Winner’s list coming shortly, along with instructions to claim your prize.

OK - winners have been drawn.

Here’s how the selections were made.

  • I took everybody who followed the rules, and even a bunch of people who didn’t but got close enough for government work :wink:

  • Everyone got assigned a number, and entered into a hat (actually a spreadsheet)

  • Gold and Platinum members got assigned two numbers (so if they entered, they had double the chance to win, but of course, no one can win more than one gift card)

  • I used a random number generator to pick the winners.

For this particular contest, there was no judging the “quality” of the posts, so if you did an awesome post and didn’t win, don’t take it personally. Hopefully you can take comfort in knowing that the average bench exchange post gets 300-500 views in the first few days after posting - so people are learning a lot by your generous contribution of content.

In any event, enough chatter - here are the winners of the $100 gift cards. To claim your prize, click here and fill out your full contact information. If we don’t have all of your information we can’t process your prize.

  1. @AlyssaKay - this post
  2. @benzgemz - this post
  3. @Janet_Kofoed - this post
  4. @milt - this post
  5. @JimGrahlDesign - this post
  6. @MarkWells - this post
  7. @hearner - this post
  8. @gigimama1 - this post
  9. @liveoak - this post
  10. @tinkerSue - this post

Hi Seth
Thanks to you and Rio Grande for running this contest.
I have been a long time supporter of both!
Happy to be a winner and the $100 will be put to good use.
Calgary Canada

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Congratulations to the winners! I have enjoyed the posts and found some new tips to add to my workshop.

Yeah!!! Thank you sooooo much. I’m already excited to shop!

be sure to enter your contact information winners… only 4 out of 10 did so far!

Alright… last call to claim these gift certificates!

@milt @hearner I don’t have your complete address, please fill out the rest in the form. There is no city state, zip.

@gigimama1, @MarkWells, @benzgemz - I don’t have any of your information.

I can’t reach your form from inside my firewall here, but I should be able to update when I get home tonight. So exciting! Ben

Hi Seth

How very exciting!

I’ve messaged you my addresses and since tried the to use the form again just to see if I missed something obvious. For some reason I cant get on to Google at all right now. I will try again on Monday when I am not using a wifi connection.

Thank you.

sounds good thanks! I got the message

Hi Seth
You should have all of my info now
Thanks again for running this contest. I am looking forward to using my prize

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All prizes mailed out, except @gigimama1. Need that address. Contest closed! Congrats guys and gals! And thanks @RioGrande

Thanks @RioGrande & Seth & everyone at Ganoksin.
The contest pushed me to post ( and I’m sure others as well ).
A great idea to get the newly ( greatly appreciated BTW) formatted forum active.
Thank you,

Live Oak Studios

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Oh my gosh! Mine came in the mail and I had already forgotten allll about the contest!! THANK YOU!!! I’m gonna save it for December fun shopping!! <3

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Mine arrived in the mail yesterday. Thanks Seth and Rio Grande!!!

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Mine came too, and I’m making a wish list from Rio. Can’t decide if I want supplies or equipment, because it’s ALL there. Decisions. decisions!

Janet Kofoed

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