Rio Grande and Orchid - Show us your bench, win a Rio gift card

Hi Orchid. As you know, @RioGrande is a longtime Orchid/Ganoksin supporter. We’ve teamed up to host a little contest, and Rio has donated $1,000 in prize money.

Ten $100 Rio gift cards to be given out as prizes.

Here’s what you need to do to participate, it’s easy:

  • Post up 3-5 pictures of your bench or workspace in our “Bench Exchange” category here on Orchid.

  • Describe your setup. Why it works for you, why you set it up the way you did, and what you might like to change about it. Ideally in at least a few sentences or more so your fellow jewelers can learn from your experience.

  • Mention at least ONE thing you’ve purchased from Rio Grande that has helped you do your work more effectively or efficiently, and link to it on their website. Even better if you can show folks where it is in the picture.

  • Be sure you have a profile picture on Orchid - you must have a profile picture to be eligible. People like to see who you are when they read your replies :slight_smile:

We will be running the contest until November 1. Anyone who participates will be entered into the random drawing for the gift card. Gold and Platinum members will be entered twice if they participate. We will select ten people randomly, you can only win one gift card.

Any questions, post them here! We can’t wait to see your benches and workspaces!


Posting in Bench Exchange is super easy… 10 minutes of your time for $100? Not a bad deal either :wink:

Drag and drop your bench pictures on to the left hand side, or click to upload them. Add your text and your done!

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Oh gosh, as such a newbie … I would be very intimidated to show my sad little bench! LOL! It cannot compare with real jewelers!!

@AlyssaKay This is a community of people dedicated to helping each other improve. You should not feel intimidated, and I am entirely confident people would love to see your setup and provide advice or counsel on how to improve it over time. :slight_smile: welcome – and please, show us your bench!

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We were ALL newbies once, Alyssa
Jerry in Kodiak

Very kind and gracious of you … thank you!

For that kind of a prize, I might be able to muster up a wee bit o’courage! :stuck_out_tongue:

… once it is cleaned up, of course! It’s a bit embarrassing to look at right now, literal heaps of supplies and tools all over the little thing, lol!

@alyssakay go for it! Think how much $100.00 @ Rio could do for you!

We still have plenty of room for more entries, and a bunch of gift cards to give away!

Mine is all put together with spare furniture. But I will post anyways as you should

I’ve posted my bench, and I’ve enjoyed browsing other work benches posted for organization ideas. Thanks so much!

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Hello everyone! I just posted mine, but as I am a new user, I am not allowed more than a photo, so I made a collage, hope that is ok :blush:
I am a newbie and I cannot lie :grin:

Nevermind, gained my trust, edited my post! :grin:

Nice work! Still a few days left in the contest… anybody else?

Will my profile pic work? I really do not believe in putting my image online … I understand this is not a common mindset in this day and age - but I’ve been very active online since 1998 and I have never used an actual image of myself for any of the hundreds of profiles I’ve created over the years nor do any images of me exist online that I can think of. I kind of like the notion of not having an image of myself posted anywhere. LOL.

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of course :slight_smile: it’s fine. I just want to get people uploading something instead of the standard “letter” that you get by default. It makes the threads much cooler to read when everyone has some unique flair beside a letter in a circle.

This weekend is the last chance to upload your bench pictures. Please read the contest rules and be sure your posting meets the requirements. Next week I am going to post the winners, and our friends @RioGrande will determine how best to distribute the gift cards!

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Contest ends at midnight tonight!

Ack! I am having trouble with the pictures!

Alas, it kept rejecting my images. And it didn’t go through all the way the first time. I had to reduce them and then it stuck uploading them a couple of times sooooo I think it went through after the last stroke.