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Georgia Philippe and her benches

Here are my work spaces. Since I work as a professional jeweler I have a bench at work. Godzilla keeps me company for difficult clients. (owners dog next to me) I do everything from chain solders to platinum work, fabrication and advanced stone setting. We’re a small family owned jewelry company and I am the only jeweler there. You can see many of my tools come from Rio, but one of the most important on my bench is, believe it or not, Burr Life. No other lubricant works as well on saws, burs or files. It’s front and center.

I also have a small bench at home, since my profession is also my hobby. I use it mostly to fabricate mountings for my enamels, make forms and some granulation. Space is tight so I could only show the work area. It could really use better lighting. I’m using Ott lights currently, until I decide on a better option.

My third space is my enameling space. I keep it separate from the bench area, so there’s no cross contamination.

You can see my Rio Grande kiln. Enamels are my passion, and I would recommend this kiln to anyone. Great temperature control.

It requires a bit of movement between areas, but I have the space I need to do what I wish. I could use more organization, but if it’s time to use between creating and organizing, well, art wins every time.