Rachel Hearne - Bench and Studio Retrofit


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I wanted to sort out the studio flooring last year as it was driving me crazy after years of just getting on with a concrete floor in grey. I just got tired of spending loads of time on hands and knees not to be able to find dropped items quickly. Plus I like to sweep and mop my floors regularly so I needed a better solution. So a quick cheap dark laminate floor when in. This forced me to pack it all up, move it out and really think about improving. I am really happy now with it all.

The main bench speaks for itself a glorious mess of all things I love. Tools. Metal. Filings. I wouldn’t want to be without my flex shaft, GRS Benchmate or handtools. I am really enjoying my new Fretz hammer 101 (Rio Grande) it is just sexy in everyway. My stump is a very old item and has had many bowls, spoons and vessels raised in it and on it. I love its shape its perfect for my body to sit at for long periods.

I have a spare desk that has a convertible top that can be used as a spare bench for people having lessons. This a great “clean” space for layout, sketching, wax working and beading.

Storage is always a big issue for us jewelers. I need dry, clean, dust free options for tools, books and packaging so I have utilized the walls space better. It is very difficult to keep the visual clutter completely tame but this is a big improvement for me.

One of the last bits I need to improve is my lighting. It isn’t bad but I could do with more LED daylight lights on the ceiling.

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Hi Rachael,
Is that a Hegner scroll saw in the corner, and, if so, do you use it for metalwork/piercing? If so, would you comment on how you are using it…blades, vac system, etc. I have a variable speed model and was thinking of trying it out on sterling.

Hello. The Hegner has sadly not been used enough over past 8 years. I intend to change that in the new year. I’ve been so busy I’ve not had time to play with it.

I have used it for cutting Tagua Nut, acrylic and wood with great results. I have yet to experience it using sheet metal. TBH I’m so fast with a handsaw I can’t se the point of using it for most of my designs from sheet. I’ll keep you posted if I attempt it.

Btw a Hegner is just a delight to use. It’s so quiet, smooth and reliable.

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