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La Paloma Mar - Bench Exchange


This is my Studio. A lot of the pictures are from when I moved to a bigger room because I outgrew my old space. I love my space where I have a black and white rug that is so thick that a .025 Pt diamond will not fall through. I bought too many items from Rio to even list.
Last Christmas my husband gave me a choice between 2 gifts, a new Truck or a Laser Welder.
Meet Weldon, my Neutec Pulse Point Studio 125 with a camera. I called him Weldon because I be a welding on this and I be a welding on that.
My Studio works well for me. If I could change anything it would be where I have Weldon set up.
I guess that since I am new, I can not comply with the rules and post 3-5 pictures and can only post 1. Will I be disqualified for this?

Rio Grande and Orchid - Show us your bench, win a Rio gift card