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tinkerSue - bench exchange

This is my most favourite place…my “garagio” (garage + studio). I live in a small condo with my husband in CA. I knew I was in trouble with my new addiction/hobby when my hub said I was getting dirt and particles all over the bedroom from sawing (just a little bit) at my desk in our bedroom. So now, about a decade later, I have fully taken over the garage. When I come here, I move my car out, park it to the side, close the garage door, and I am in my own little piece of heaven on earth.

Starting at the left is my soldering station. I don’t have running water so I purchased a big 5gal. water jug and a spigot that empties into a bucket. I’m all about the inexpensive “fix”…except when it comes to tools. Sometimes it is true, " The cheap becomes expensive". Quality tools can last a lifetime. I purchase most of my goodies/tools at Rio. They have a huuuuuuuge inventory and competitive pricing. I also enjoy hunting for antique tools around town and on eBay.

Next to the fire!fire!:fire:is my biggest splurge: my bench. It is the first, new piece of furniture I ever bought just for me. Not because we needed a new sofa or our mattress was lumpy. No. This was for me alone…a guilty pleasure, especially considering that my previous bench (after the desk in the bedroom) was a table top mini workbench typically used for demonstrations at a fair or some such thing. I smile every time I see it. I think ones’ workplace should be comfortable and inviting. I can’t WAIT to wake up and get out here!

The Foredom motor on the yoke base mount is my latest ebay find. A Series GG for $47! Woop! Woop! It has a reduction gear so I set it up to use with a Foredom hammer hand piece (also an eBay find for $30). Since I dedicated it for hammering (I also have a Series SR for normal use and a Pfingst motor dedicated to my Wolf Sanding Station thingie), I purchased a Foredom EM-1 Manual Dial Speed Control from Rio so the stroke is consistent and I concentrate on what is being created.

You can also see my GRS Engraving block/ball. I purchased it a looooong time ago. It was a chunk of dough but well worth it. My latest “sidetrack” is teaching myself to hand push engrave. No air assistance (yet, it is currently out of my price range) so I purchased a GRS QUICKCHANGE GRAVER HANDLE W/3 TOOL along with a few different gravers, including my current favourite: ENGRAVING, GRS 120-DEGREE V-PT, GRAVER as shown here:


See what I did with my coveted RIO sticker there (suck up, much? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:). Hee! I use heat shrink tubing on the graver for a more comfortable grip).

Finally, to the right of my bench, is a plastic tool drawer organizer (because my bench isn’t big enough to contain my habit, obviously :roll_eyes:) and then my hammering :hammer::hammer::hammer: station.

I used an old leather belt to hold some of my hammers (treasure hunting for old hammers is super fun) and nailed it to the edge of the deck that is at the back of my garagio. I couldn’t locate a tree stump locally and even if I did, it wouldn’t fit in my two seater car, so…I found this one…a Black Cherry tree stump that was “supposed” to be an end table. It is au natural, also found on eBay, and delivered to my doorstep. When there’s a will there’s a way! The square block next to it and covered with a towel (can you say splinters?) is a section of compressed wood beam that a friend thought I might be able to use. Um…yeah! Tools, and otherwise useless stuff, are always appreciated! The aluminum bat and pepper spray are my security apparatus.

I hope you enjoyed the view…I sure do.