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Alyssa's Little Bench. LOL! :P

Okay so it might be small, but I do have a LOT of fun equipment that I am learning how to use, so it is actually a very joyous or meditative place for me most of the time, lol!

This is all the room that I have in this house - dreaming of buying a house with a garage and a workshop, but for now, this is better than nothing! At least I can get in some bench practice time! I keep the soldering in the middle usually and the pickling in the back. I stamp on the benchplate or the anvil on the stump. My bench is usually messy, I tend to bounce between a variety of things at the same time.

I have it set up so I can change things out as I kind of dabble in a bunch of things.

I think my Optivisor was one of the best things that I’ve bought from Rio so far. Or maybe the Liver of Sulfur? I really like the multisizers too! And Picasso made me happy as well!

I’d like more drawers. Especially another dust drawer. Maybe a pegboard. A vice for sure. More Optivsor lenses! Silverrrr!!! <3 LOL. An gemsetter’s apron! Radial disks, would like to try those out.

Now let’s see if I can attach a picture …

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That’s a lovely bench. I found the optiviser gives me headaches and had to go to reading glasses. I have +3.00 +4.00 and +10.00 . The reading glasses were a trick that my Teacher taught me as I am still an apprentice.