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Weight on the ears

I gave it my best shot, in the forums that is. What is the average
maximum comfortable weight that can hang from ear lobe? The thinner
the wire, less weight is tolerated. Is there a printed standard
scale somewhere?

What is the average maximum comfortable weight that can hang from
ear lobe? 

Maximum is ten grams for me. Best weight is about five grams.

Cheers Hans Meevis

Just from observation I think more than 4 dwts starts getting
uncomfortable and approaching 10 is downright unwieldy.

Hi Jaye,

I have absolutely no idea if there is an ‘average maximum comfortable
weight’ for earrings; but I know that it is frequently exceeded.
Can’t tell you how many ears I’ve seen that no longer have tidy
little holes, but long extended slits. I try not to make earrings
myself that will require them, but I began selling a product that
always does well at shows… and is probably a direct response to the
non-existence of a ‘standard scale’ for earring weight. It’s called
Lobe Wonder, and my customers love them. They’re disposable, of
course, so I have many customers who continuing showing up to buy
them. They’re appropriate both for those long extended slits as well
as healthy lobes wishing to avoid the dreaded elongated hole. As it
says on their site, they’re “an undetectable, hypoalleregenic clear
patch that is applied to the back of the ear lobe. When pierced by
an earring, the patch bears a major part of the earring weight,
relieving the ear lobe of the pressure.” The site is

I know this doesn’t directly address your concern, i.e. creating
earrings that aren’t too heavy; but I have had customers who fell in
love with a pair of my earrings but felt they were too heavy, and
I’ve sold them when I tossed in a free box… or a couple strips from
a box… of these things. I’ve often wondered if this feeling of
earring heaviness varies from person to person… some ear lobes
are a bit more fatty and substantial than others.


When customers ask me if my earrings are heavy or light, I tell them
to try them on and tell me. I’m not being smart I find its all in the
wearer. One pair of earrings that have been declared light by one
customer and “too heavy” by another.


Hi Karen,

.. some ear lobes *are* a bit more fatty and substantial than

As one who speaks from personal experience, at that age when we
ladies gain weight (the dreaded Menopause), the ear lobes seem to
shrivel. The fatty tissue must be subject to gravity and shift
downward! At least I don’t have any other explanation for the
appearance of “chub” in places where it never used to be! :wink:

Judy in Kansas, who got the fall application of fertilizer on the
lawn before the last two days of showers. Now to finish putting in
the spring bulbs.

Hi Carla

Here in Canada we are not allowed to let the customer try on the
earrings as they are apparently not hygienic for the next customer.
From what I have been told just cleaning them in alcohol or an
ultrasonic is not clean enough for resale. Exception would be used
or antique jewellery which is of course understood to have been worn.
Then it is at buyers own risk.

Karen Bahr
Karen’s Artworx
Calgary, Alberta, Canada