Sticking stones to paper

I would like to stick a bunch of cabs to a piece of heavy paper so
students can get a look and choose one for a project. Is there
something better than double-stick tape for this? I want them to be
able to take them off, change their minds, and put them back, a few
times, because they nearly always do change their minds. I know
lapidaries do this all the time, I was just never paying attention to
what was holding the stones… always too busy taking them off,
changing my mind, and putting them back, a few times.


Noel, How about using velcro?


Try museum putty. It can be stuck and restuck to anything.


I was in Tucson for the gem show, and one stone cutter used velcro.
He stuck little velcro stickers on the back of his cabs. These cabs
could then stick to a larger black velcro pad that he had propped up
on the wall. This made it very easy to take a closer look at the
stone, and also see the price on the back! Very clever. I don’t know
how expensive or inexpensive this would be…


Hi Noel,

Micromounters use Mineral Tack to mount specimens in plastic boxes.
Looks like plasticine but is sticky. A similar product is used to
mount posters on walls. Should be available in hardware stores but
is probably a bit oilier than the Mineral Tack available from Michael
Shannon of Shannon and Sons under the name Geo-Tack.It is available
in grey and blue. I call the blue stuff “Smurf Poo” as it sits in a
fetching little pile on a corner of Bill’s microscope!



I’ve seen lots of cab dealers use small dots of Velcro. One on the
cab the mate on the card stock. Do a search on “Velcro dots” on the
web and you will find lots of places selling them. They might be sold
at office supply box stores…

Rick Copeland
Silversmith and Lapidary Artisan

The (blue?) poster tack used to “hang” posters on walls would
probably work if the stones aren’t too heavy. Usually found with
school or office supplies. Another solution I’ve seen in Tucson
involves a small self-adhesive strip of velcro hooks on the back of
the stones and a pile or wool or nubby fabric on a board /

Pam Chott

When I do lay outs for stone placement, I sometimes use Chapstick on
paper or on the actual ring or piece of jewelry I’m setting. That
gives me a good prospective and it comes right of very easily.

Good luck, Steve

How about using velcro? 

Too much work… But I thank all of you who made suggestions. I
realize now that I was hoping for a glue or the like that would turn
my matt board into a giant Post-it ™ note. Anything like that?



Try Velcro (hook and loop fabric). You can purchase it in strips, or
precut in squares or even small dots, with adhesive on the back. It
should work for smaller items.

David A. Stitt

Try using strips of velcro with velcro dots. You could cut the dots
in half or quarters to attach to the stones; that would keep the cost
down. White would show them off better. Then just stick the stones
onto the velcro strips.

Just an idea.

Noel, try the 3M velcro-style picture hanging tabs. You put one
piece on the board and the other piece on the back of the cab. Once
the cab is chosen, the tab is easily removed by pulling, no sticky
residue. This is easier clean up than traditional sticky-backed
velcro, which would probably require something like Goo Gone to
remove adhesive residue.

was hoping for a glue or the like that would turn my matt board
into a giant Post-it (TM) note. Anything like that? 

3M makes a low tack glue stick. That might do it.



Noel - have you checked at the scrapbooking places - they have spray
glue that allows you to reposition things even after they’ve been
stuck down. Maybe something they have would work for the stones. Just
a thought. And what about some of the Putty like stuff - they use it
to steady things in earthquake prone areas - museum wax or whatever
they call it. Must be something out there to use.


There are small “glue dots” - don’t remember their real name that I
have used. I found the glue dots in a craft area of a local store.

They were inexpensive and the stone could be easily reset by using
another dot if the first one was not sticky any more.

Larry E. Whittington

Stab in the dark here… Rubber cement?

How would the old paper cement work? Not the glue stick, but the
stinky stuff used to paste patterns on metal. 'Course you probably
wouldn’t be able to reattach them, but one time off…have the little
can ready for next application!!!

Also, you can get magnet strips for making the Magnets for the
Refrig, and put them on a metal item. They already have adhesive on
them - just peal off the backing after cutting little pieces to fit
the back of the stone - put them on big cookie sheets and you have
your display!!!

Wow - took some real thinking to get the last sentence out = must be
the fact I can’t sleep and there’s a bright moon! HAHA

Rose Marie Christison

I wouldn’t say it works for everything. But its a fun link just the
same. This to That (Glue Advice) Stick it to it!


Guess my link didn’t come through the first time…

Sorry about that,

Hi Noel,

You could try hook-and-loop (“Velcro”) tape. It comes in strips,
tabs, dots, and a few other shapes (or you can cut to size). I’ve
seen it at fabric stores, hobby shops, and even in supermarkets. Get
the kind with the pre-glued back - it’s a “cinch” to use, just peel
and stick.