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June 23

An apprentice’s journey

CallumBryn ###### Callum Bryn


I’m a traditional goldsmith apprentice from South Africa. I started in April 2020. This will be a visual journal of sorts of the pieces I’m proud of or in most cases just the acceptable to decent work. And an introduction of myself into the community. Comment and criticism are welcome and appreciated! New perspectives are how you get better

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June 24


neil_a3 ###### Neil A


The second image (Fireworks brooch) is worth seeing.

### Italy’s Vendorafa Celebrates 70 Years With Series Inspired By Its Archives

Italian fine jewelry brand Vendorafa is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year with a new limited-edition collection, entitled Vendorafa70, that pays homage to the many decades the brand’s been in business. Creative director Daniela Lombardi dove…

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June 25

Soldering with oxy/acetylene

Philthrelder1 ###### Philip F. Taccetta


Hi all! I’ve been in the trade for 47+ years. I’ve used a Smith’s Little Torch oxy/acetylene for the last 30+ years. I follow several “aspiring” groups on Facebook and whenever the subject of torches comes up we get “oh, acetylene is so dirty”! “It leaves my metal dirty”! The one that I really have an issue with is “you can’t solder platinum with oxy/acetylene”! I beg to differ. I’m not a “fine jewelry fabricator” although I have done some. I fabricated one of my buckles in platinum - almost 4ozs., as well as other pcs. Overall I’m very happy with with oxy/acetylene. I know other jewelers that are not only happy with how it performs daily as well as for platinum. It takes a little thought to realize that “cracking” the oxy when lighting eliminates the black “floaties” as does turning the gas off first.
I’m wondering how many jewelers out there are happy with oxy/acetylene and how many use it for fabricating platinum?

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June 28

Vise Versus Arbor Press

JohnK29587 ###### John K


Hi ,
I’m wondering if you could compare the “pressing power” of a standard 5 inch bench vise to the pressing power of an arbor press: 1 ton, 2 ton etc. I’ve used the vise with steel dies to press patterns into 24 gauge sterling sheet but it’s a slow process and requires an extension (2 foot length of pipe) to the handle.

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June 28

Copper finish before texturing with mill

sharpold ###### Sue H


I’m a newbie and planning to roll some copper pieces in my new rolling mill, then use LOS, sand lightly and apply Protecta+clear. How should I finish the copper after annealing and pickling prior to rolling it in the mill?

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June 23

Argentium casting in Canada

JohnK29587 ###### John K


Is anyone familiar with a casting house in Canada that casts argentium? Thanks!

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June 29

Small business insurance

PAULAB39333 ###### PB


Hi all,

I’m moving to a larger city and want business insurance that covers equipment and product in case of accident or burglary. I am a renter, and in Oregon, and my studio will be in my basement (with landlords’ blessing). Does anyone have any suggestions? My Google searches are coming up with insurance for handymen or restaurants, and I’m unsure if my renters insurance would cover jewelry equipment, materials, and finished product.

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June 29

Die for producing logo jewellery

LuckyStrike ###### Terry Venables


Greetings from Vancouver Island!

I have made logo themed jewellery for many years and using a photo process have had Magnesium / Zinc metal plates made to start the process.

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