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What do you charge for Rhodium plating?

Im curious to see the wholesale and retail price,now that a pint of
Rhodium is close to $400.00. My Wholesale is now $12.00. The retail
at a few stores I know of is $30.00.

How much do you charge?

Thanks Johneric

where i live in columbus oh i think, but not positive retail is
somewhere in the $60 range i charge about $25 - $30 to my only
wholesale customer but i also do a complete refinishing and high
polish first my retail price is about $40- $55 on most rings


This is how I figure it…

From a pint you could plate literally hundreds of small items, if
you take care to avoid waste. For this reason I use a plastic
container so that I tap off as much solution from the piece as I can
before rinse. Same thing for the anode. Don’t you just love watching
your rhodium bottle get lower and lower?

Most of the value (as I perceive it) is in the prep work. Be it
repair or a new piece, careful and thorough polishing and stop-off
(if needed) is what results in a great finish.

So typically I don’t have a ‘rhodium charge’ per se. But if I were
handed a bunch of prepped pieces (say from a jeweler friend) to
rhodium I would probably charge $10 per. If rhodium became a regular
line of business I would certainly look much more closely at the
economics of it. But for now, the way I work, I get enough for
repairs and/or new pieces to just absorb the cost of the
solution.(ex. $100,000 worth of white gold work with a rhodium cost
of $400, I could live with that) My equipment I’ve had for so long
that its cost doesn’t figure in anymore.

All that being said, I can see where someone who is setting up for
rhodium should probably charge in the area of $25 retail plus
polishing. I would shoot for recovering my investment within one
year. So it really depends on the volume of pieces one does.

Im curious to see the wholesale and retail price,now that a pint
of Rhodium is close to $400.00. My Wholesale is now $12.00. The
retail at a few stores I know of is $30.00. 

I have a friend who is a college graduate chemist and a jeweler.

O.K., he’s anal as can be!

He told me a container of rhodium plating solution can PLATE
approximately 100 rings.

At $400 a bottle, your cost of goods (cost per plating) is $4.00.

After polishing, we charge in our price book $25 to rhodium plate.

If you can get 75-100 platings from a bottle, then your cost is
between $4-$7.50.

RETAIL, if you triple, your selling price is $12 to $22.

David Geller

How much do you charge? 

$15.00 and up wholesale.
$45.00 and up retail.

Did you folks notice those who posted about just RHODIUM plating
(which cost EVERYONE the same to buy) the huge difference in pricing?

I can tell you the cost, but notice some people charge $25, some $45
and some $65?

The higher the price, the more convinced these jewelers are that
charge MORE, MORE, MORE.

No one mentioned yet people complained.

David Geller

No one mentioned yet people complained. 

I’ve had people complain, (retailers,) but I told 'em that the more
I charge the more they can charge and so they do. Everyone’s happy.
doesn’t hurt to talk up the value of rhodium.