[Source] Lapis and Chlorastrolite

I’m looking for a source for high-quality lapis that has been cut/
shaped and ready for bezel setting, but not polished or formed into
cabochons. In other words, the face of the stone is left rough, or
possibly it is hammer-textured or something. (I’ve searched the
archives already to no avail and have seen sources for shaped, rough
textured lapis beads, but none for cut stones.)

I’d also like to have a source for chlorastrolite (Isle Royale
Greenstone) from Michigan. Any leads will be greatly appreciated.

Bonnie Cooper

Hi Bonnie

Try Gary B. Wilson, Lapidary Design Group, Summer address: P.O. Box
483, Traverse City, MI 49685, Phone 231-933-4892.

Or Winter address: 7778 N. Ancient Indian Dr., Tucson, AZ 85718
Phone 520-877-1066 He has the most incredible selection of cabs - I
have seen some unpolished (not the Lapis, but he might know a
source). I’d say he ought to know of the Michigan stone you are
requesting. He will be at the Denver Gem and Mineral Show Sept 13-16,
2007. I buy most of the cabs I use from him.

Good Luck
Rose Marie Christison

You can ask a local gem & mineral club if they have any members
willing to cut one for you. Easy enough to shape it and leave the top
rough. They probably even have a supply of the lapis you want. There
are some really good lapidaries out there in the clubs.

Good luck.

Hi Bonnie

Reference your request for the Michigan stone: Chlorastrolite…I
talked with Gary Wilson yesterday at the Denver Show. He says he has
some - it is very small - about the size of your little finger nail.
I gave you his contact in a prior message. He spends the summer in
Traverse City, MI and the winter in Tucson.

Good luck
Rose Marie Christison

Hi Rose Marie,

Thank you for providing the source I request on Orchid.
I sure wish I could have attended the Denver Gem Show. I’ve heard
it’s very good.

I’m having to put some things on hold, for now, as my mother just
had a stroke. But I’ll be in touch with Gary soon and really
appreciate your assistance.

Best regards,
Bonnie Cooper

Vaughn Hobe has a business called Rocks. His # 517-529-4909. I have
a few green stones (Chloratstrolite) from him and I am pretty sure
he still cuts them.

Tell him I sent you.
Mary Dunker