Season prediction

It seems every year there is a trend for the retail holiday season.
One year it was emeralds, every third sale was emeralds. Another year
it was 2Ct TW diamond studs. Another, bezels, anything bezelly.
Sometimes its a price point. Doesn’t really matter what the
particular ‘thing’ was, there was always a ‘thing’. If you were lucky
you caught on early and and could handle demand.

This year however I think its just going to be nutty. People are
already nutty. I’m not sure how to make hay out of nuttiness but
we’ll see.

Hmm, maybe diamond studded sedatives.

This year’s prediction should be easy since Prince What’s His Name
gave his sweetie Diana’s old ring. I betting that Sapphires will be
hot this year.

Have fun and make lots of jewelry and money too.
Jo Haemer

Hmm, maybe diamond studded sedatives. 

The demand around here seems to be trending more towards vodka this
year. Stoli is high on the staff’s list, Grey Goose, Absolut and Skyy
are most definitely in demand, but the price point shoppers (and the
increasing number of nut jobs) are driving our consumption more
towards a greater volume of the lower priced Seagram’s and Smirnoff.
But it’s still early, so maybe we can get those shoppers to spend a
bit more on their purchases so we can then spread a little more
wealth towards the more upscale distilleries. At the rate it’s going
right now though, we may end up squeezing our own potatoes before

Just kidding, business has actually been surprisingly good, with no
real trends showing up except for a waning of the demand for Pandora
style beads (thank God) and a still too low overall price point
(continued thanks to the Feds).

Advice for this holiday season: Crazy Costs Extra.

Two olives for you, wasn’t it Neil?

Dave Phelps

The only thing I’ve heard around that sounded somewhat definitive
is: larger pieces (especially necks) - bezel set, irregular cut
colorful cabs. Under $250ish. Inexpensive but bold and feel goody.
The Grey Land, somewhere between costume and fine.


my prediction is a repeat of last years last minute repairs " of this
is my wifes broken jewelry i want to get it fixed for her for
Christmas". lets all add an extra 50% to the price of repair work to
make up for the lack of sales !!! - goo

This year's prediction should be easy since Prince What's His Name
gave his sweetie Diana's old ring. I betting that Sapphires will
be hot this year. 

I have already been doing more than the regular number of old rings
or remounts for engagement rings for a new generation. Too bad to
loose the sale on the center sale, but I’ll take what I can.

The something-other-than-a-diamond center stone might be an
interesting trend in engagment rings. That also seems to confirm a
trend I have already noticed in my sales. Personally I don’t mind
that at all because it seems easier to make a better mark-up on

Stephen Walker