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Preventing copper tarnishing without lacquer?


I created a copper bracelet and highly polished it. I didn’t lacquer
it, but put it immediately in a sealed plastic bag. Unfortunately it
still tarnished. Is there any way to prevent copper tarnishing
without using lacquer?


You could try Renaissance Wax, but copper does love to tarnish, and
quickly. Wearing nitrile gloves, wash it in dish soap and water, dry
it with a clean paper towel, and wax it immediately, see if that



Hi Harvey, just change your mindset and decide you like the gorgeous
patinas that occur naturally. I know it takes time, bur the colors
are wonderful!

Rose Marie Christison


Wax which can be easily reapplied. I personally do not like the pink
color of copper. I like it a lot better when it has turned brown.



From everything I’ve read and learned the simple answer is no. I
would recommend a product called ProtectaClear by It will keep a bright shine on your copper
pieces for years. I don’t work for them, I just love their product.

MikiCat Designs


Before you wax or lacquer copper, you can clean it easily by dabbing
on a thin salt/vinegar paste (1 teaspoon of salt, one tablespoon of
plain flour and enough vinegar to make a thin paste). Wash the paste
off immediately then dry the copper. I found the recipe somewhere on
the Internet. You’ll be astonished how quickly this works.

Barbara Conje
Darwin NT, Australia

Is there any way to prevent copper tarnishing without using

There might be a new solution. American Bullion from Carson
California has a new chemical dip called ATD3 that might help. For a
quick look at it try their blog-


Sorry this post is so late, as I have been having computer “issues”,
and am just getting caught up. For a quick tarnish remover for copper
use 1 Tbs salt mixed with 1/2 cup vinegar. Dipping the piece in the
solution works almost instantly to perk up the copper. I doesn’t give
it a high polish, but it sure improves it. It is especially good for
delicate wire work that really can’t be polished.

Theresa Bright