Lapidary Trim saws

Greetings To All,

I also need a trim saw. Trim saws can go as high as $600. I don’t
plan to do a lot of cabbing since my main interest is in metal
working, however, I do need something serviceable.


You might consider a tile saw at your local hardware store. I think
that they start around $80.


Trim saws can go as high as $600. I don't plan to do a lot of
cabbing since my main interest is in metal working, 

My personal preference is a diamond band saw. I have had very good
luck and like the ability to do most of the performing for odd shapes
before grinding.


Marc, Like all things it depends on what you want to do with the
trim saw. If you are only going to buy slabs of stone you can by with
a 4" trim saw. They will the least expensive. If you would like to
buy rough rock and slab then you could buy anything from a 6" to a
36" inch saw. A good option is to look around for a used one. Try a
local rock club there is always someone selling one. They may need a
cleaning, new bearings but you can find them for cheap. But watch out
it can get out of control I now own several saws from 4"to 24" but of
the several saws I own I have spent less than $500 on all of them. If
you going to Tucson all of the major lapidary companies will be there
at the Electric Park show Check out this website for equipment.


I have an Ameritool 4" trim saw that was a lot less expensive and is
a nice little machine.

Stacy Hosler

I also need a trim saw. Trim saws can go as high as $600. I don't
plan to do a lot of cabbing since my main interest is in metal
working, however, I do need something serviceable. 

Try eBay. 6 inch trim saws usually go for ± $300 plus shipping.
They tend to be heavy to ship if you buy one with the motor Also
check with any local rock clubs. Usually they have members with more
saws than they need.

If you want to buy new, check out Kingsley North
( They have 4" trim saws starting at $200.

Rick Copeland

you can often get vintage ones on ebay for less. If you are not going
to use it much, that should be ok. Personally, I picked my 4 inch up
at an estate sale for under $10, and it works great! You can get your
blades for 4-6 inch trim saws for under $10-15 each (regular price)
on ebay…but some are better than others. The ones I like, I got
from someone who imports them from India…they don’t rust…while
the chinese imports I got first, do. I would suggest getting one that
can take up to 6 inch blades. I’ve found that the 4 inch is a little
small for some of the stones I’ve got, and some of them, like
chrysocolla chalcedony (gem silica), I hate to take through the big
saw first because the blade is thicker and I loose a good bit.


If you have a gem, rock and mineral club in your area, you could try
checking with them. They frequently have members who have either
upgraded their equipment, aged out, or lost interest. Last year I was
able to purchase an 18", auto-drive, diamond rock saw for $140 (his
price, no haggling). I have also purchased other lapidary equipment
(cabbing machines and a faceting machine), many jeweler’s tools, and
electroplating equipment at extremely attractive prices. Also, many
of these clubs offer classes in a variety of skills often taught by
people with many years of practical, hands-on experience.

Marc - lap craft " lil trimmer " is a bargain at $200 ( approx )
fantastic performance they are in powell ohio a quick phone directory
search should provide the contact info,family owned and operated
onsite diamond plated tools - goo

Marc…One suggestion is to trot to the nearest Lowes or Home
Depot and purchase a wet ‘tile saw’. They ususally rn around $60 to
$80. The blade will have a slightly wider kerf than lapidary saws but
there will be plenty of aggressive diamond in the blade. I usually
just use the original blade till it wears out and then replace it
with a good .025 lapidary blade.

These says will last quite a while and most have a removable sump to
boot. Save a bundle and get a tile saw. Cheers from Don in SOFL.

Hi just to add my 2 cents worth…I have an Ameritool 4 inch saw -
it is wonderful. (I also use the Ameritool Flat Lap - the two
together make a great shop.) Additionally I use an All U Need Flat
Lap, which has been used for over 25 years. Just replace the Laps -
it’s like the Battery Bunny!!!

I also have a 4 inch Raytech GemSaw, which I have been using for 25
years - equally as good, both are easy to move around from area to
area. Will trim small slabs and nuggets without any problem.

Mounted on the bench in the Garage Studio is a 6 inch Lortone, which
has a feeder and vice and will take a reasonably sized chunk. By now,
after 34 years of playing, I prefer to buy slabs and see what is

I teach Lapidary Inlay classes and use the All U Need 4 inch Trim
Saw, very sturdy old saw and been used heavily; and have an 8 inch
Ameritool Flat Lap. My classes are now about 5 students at most and
two can work on small cut rocks at the same time. No complaints on
any of the machines.

Rose Marie Christison

I use an All U Need Flat Lap, which has been used for over 25

Let me add another voice to the chorus of praise for the All U Need
flat lap. I have had mine for going on 6 years and it still runs like
the day I bought it. Although quite a lot dirtier. I use it for my
inlay and cabbing. Lately I’ve been using it to rough out cabs to be
finished in vibratory tumblers. I’ve been running it at full speed
with a 100 grit lap and pressing really hard grinding stones. I would
give up my 8" Star Diamond grinder before I would give up my All U

I have removed the water supply cup and use a standard lapidary
water drip feed. And I attached a longer hose and drain it into a
5-gallon bucket. I like my All U Need so much I built a custom stand
for it.

Rick Copeland

Oops, I goofed.

If anyone is looking for a tile saw to use as a trim saw. I
purchased mine at Home Depot, not Lowes.

The Lowes saw was smaller, had an odd size motor shaft, and was
lighter built. The price at either store is $88.

Sorry for the mix-up.

If you can afford to, buy an M-K tile saw, very good quality. Home
Depot, for one, sometimes sell their used rental tools. They rent