Yellow turquoise?

I’m currently in China on a buying trip. I see this wonderful stone
they call yellow turquoise. It’s bright and beautify but I know
nothing about it. Can anyone enlighten me? Is it treated? Real
turquoise? Durable?

Need beads?

called mutton turquoise, thats about all I know.

I can’t answer this very well but since true turquoise is a copper
aluminum phosphate the true color will always be a blue or
greenish…never yellow. There is a lot of yellow material sold as

Here is one vendor ( the only one?) that honestly states what it
appears to be - a yellow jasper:

It is marketable but value???


A dealer at the Intergem show whose name escapes me had a table of
only turquoise, including thousands of bead hanks that were sort of
yellowish. Actually, more of the greenish yellow that was available
on Porsches. Almost a chartreuse color. He was hawking it as
"stabilized turquoise." I didn’t examine it closely, but I think it
was probably “reconstituted” material, not natural, as it had no
matrix. Be wary.

James in SoFl

Yellow Turquoise, Hard (-064) aka Flower Jasper, Flower Turquoise,
Chinese Howlite The harder version of the two stones known as “yellow
turquoise,” this stone is more likely a jasper or serpentine.
However, we don’t think this stone is dyed or enhanced. It is yellow
with brown, green and red, much more varied than the dyed Hubei
product (below).

Yellow Turquoise, Soft From China’s Hubei province, this soft stone
is a natural turquoise but is usually dyed to achieve its deep yellow
hue. We also believe it is wax-treated to harden the surface, or
possibly stabilized with a resin

buyer beware
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