Workshop limbo

Hello all,

I recently found out that my landlord has allowed his property to go
into foreclosure, the trustee sale is this coming Monday!!! I am
looking at having to move, quick!!!

My problem is that I am also looking at having no place for my
workshop which is currently half of my garage.

I have heard of people making jewelery out of a spare bedroom in an
apartment but is this really viable?

What about storage units, has anyone done this?

I have called a few and they sort of freak out when they hear the
word “business”, I have to reassure them that the unit will not be
used as a storefront but as a workshop. The problem seems to be the
lack of electricity, most seem to have a lights.

As we all know torches are dirty and so I would need to run an
extractor and for this I would need electricity.

The last thing I want is my unit to be locked down and my stuff to
be sold (or stolen) because I hooked up a light bulb to plug socket
which is a fire hazard.

I am also looking at huge rents here in Southern California. I have
been pampered by my current situation and frankly what is being
offered for the prices is scary!!!

Plus living in Los Angeles is draining and I am tired of California,
too much ego!!!

I am sort of in limbo right now and my biggest concern is not so
much where I am going to live (there’s always the car!) but where I
can stow my workshop stuff and still be able to learn jewelry making.
Another concern is paying storage fees on tools that will be sitting
and rusting!!!

Part of me wants to throw caution to the wind and make a huge jump
and move to Orca’s island, WA which has been a dream of mine for
years but the thing holding me back is the lack of a steady job where
it is mostly seasonal labor. The mainland jobs seem to pay just
enough to allow their employees to have housing but no money for food
(unless you have four roommates!!!)

Like I said, I am in limbo and I honestly do not know what to do.

I am just looking for a bit of hope, a light at the end of the
tunnel which seems quite long and scary right now.


Go east young man! There’s plenty of work out here in the middle. LA
sounds dreadful! Probably you should rent a room in a house owned by
a little old lady with lots of broken jewelry.

Hi Kenneth,

I’m in the middle of moving all of my shop gear out of Santa
Barbara. (For better reasons: got married.) For now, just get a
storage locker, and get it out of there. It’ll take longer than you
think. Get it moving. Worry about where it ends up when it’s under a
roof you have a contract with. Foreclosure buyouts can move very
quickly with evictions if they feel like it. There’s no binding
contract with the new guys, so it’s entirely up to how nice they’re

Meanwhile, most storage places in SoCal that I know anything about
are pretty specific about NOT wanting anybody doing anything in
their bays other than storage. That’s why they only have a light, if
that. At a bet, the circuit is rigged to about 3 amps too. Not going
to work out for a workshop.

I did use my apartment as a studio for 12 years. NOT exactly what
I’d recommend if you have any choice in the matter. It really depends
on how much gear you have, and what kind of work you do. Light
jewelry? No problem. Raised hollowware? Problem.

From what you wrote about Orca’s island, it sounds like this is a
good time for you to escape from LA. On the other hand, jumping
into a situation that you already know is pretty well rigged
against you doesn’t sound perfect either. Maybe somewhere close
that’s actually live-able would be a better idea?

Brian Meek.

You could try moving to Northern California. We live in a completely
different state than the South. I couldn’t stand to live anywhere
south of Pismo.

Good luck!

I recently found out that my landlord has allowed his property to
go into foreclosure, the trustee sale is this coming Monday!!! I am
looking at having to move, quick!!!! 

Do you have a lease? Or are you month to month. If you have a lease,
they can not evict you for a trustee sale. Know your rights, contact
your local Tenant’s rights organization. Here is the website for the
Dept. of Housing in L.A.

Good luck!
Lisa, (Tomatoes are all ripening at once! Gahhhhhh!) Topanga, CA USA

Move to New Zealand. It is paradise.



I am aware of a jeweler in the state of Washington that has his
business for sale at a terrific price, and the rent is VERY
affordable. If you are interested… contact me via email offline.

Angela Hampton

nevery say business say hobby, worked for me spart walk in closet
5x8 very tight but it works. do not show off your tanks.

good luck

I don’t know how old you are, but if you’ve always wanted to move to
Orcas Island, now is as good a time as ever. It is truly beautiful
and if you want it badly enough you can make it work. As for your
workshop, There is an outfit that will bring you a “box” let you pack
it, take it away and store it until you want it delivered. Sounds
like it would give you some time to find a place, a job, and get
settled then have it delivered. Orcas Island is an environment that
is friendly to artists. I’m sure you could make it work if it is
important to you. Be aware, the winters are wet, dark, and long, but
if you’re looking for a change it certainly will be one.

Good luck, and keep us up to date.

Move to Australia!! I have a spare room and a double garage :slight_smile:

Kenneth you mention that you might move. Why don’t you look at some
of the places inland that have 2 or 3 % unemployment? They do exist
and usually come with affordable rents. It seems kind of futile to
keep moving to places with high unemployment coupled with high rents.
Think off the coast and you can have a life!

Judy Hoch