[Workshop] Color on Metal, Reticulation and Keum-boo

Three-day workshop, Sept. 14-16
Mendocino Art Center, Mendocino, CA

Reticulation will be of the valley and mountain type for a deeply
textured surface. The keum-boo (high karat gold on silver) portion
will include rolling your own leaf and embossing texture. The colored
metals will cover five different liver-of-sulfur formulas, oils,
resins, lacquer and Japan colors. Your metals will never be plain
boring silver and gold again!

These are fun classes. My teaching style is fast and furious, but
thorough. Plenty of handouts, troubleshooting, demos and
question-and-answer sessions. You will work hard, but have a great
time getting to the tired part, and learn a lot. Come prepared to
laugh and play hard!

Here are some comments from past participants in various workshops:

“She is a font of knowledge! WOW”
“We had a lot of fun and learned a lot. Well presented and thought
“It was good to learn some advanced metalwork suited to the lower
tech shop. I liked the new colors, and shapes, and textures.”
“Clear step by step–Results were great!”
“Keum-boo! So easy and exciting.”
“The results–the tips and tricks”
“Time just flew!”

And 100’s more equally nice comments. Can you come out and play?