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Wooden inlay in a ring

Hey, just got Orchid and was wondering if anyone knew how to put a
wood inlay into a ring, or any inlay for that matter. Thanks

wondering if anyone knew how to put a wood inlay into a ring, or
any inlay for that matter. 

One way is first to make the ring including the recess(s) in the
ring in which you wish to place the inlay. Then you cut the material
you are inlaying into a form which will fill the recess, cement it
in, trim the top flush, sand and polish. That’s it in a nutshell. The
devil is in the details. Considerable time and effort needs to be
expended learning the required thechniques. If you are seriously
interested in learning the necessary skills, I would suggest
acquiring Volumes I and II of “Indian Jewelry Making” by Oscar
Branson. You can begin the learning process there and from there on
there is no limit.

Good luck.
Jerry in Kodiak

That’s a good start Jerry. The books are great.

I got my education with a pro, Roger Wilbur, of Santa Fe, NM, at
Ghost Ranch. I took 5 summer seminars from him and now do the channel
inlay in Sterling with Lapis, Sugilite, Turquoise, Coral and any
other good rocks (Jaspers) that lend themselves to the channel inlay
and a good polish. I use Flat Laps and a Raytec like a Genie.

I have done hard wood, but have drilled holes and fit sterling wires
of different sizes in the holes and ground on the flatlap and
polished, then put Renaissance Wax on the wood. Have set a stone
using the “piggy back” method, I call it, and riveting it through the
wood and glued into the back of the wooden piece which was really now
a cab. So far have made a ring and pendant. Bought a lot of hardwood
slats to create, but I am teaching the channel inlay right now and
that takes precedence.

Really enjoy all the comments on various subjects here on Orchid. I
can respond to this one!!!

Rose Marie Christison