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What causes stones to rattle?

Occasionally I have a stone that rattles, regardless of how well the
bezel fits the stone before setting. It is a curious thing to me. No
amount of burnishing the bezel down seems to remedy it. It has
happened only a few times but it always mystifies me. I usually
remedy it by putting a little Epoxy 330 around the edge where the
stone and the bezel meet.

Does anyone know what causes this?

J. S. (Sue) Ellington

What’s causing it is that the stone is still not set fully. Have you
tried hammer setting the stones? Usually that will force the bezel
down enough to truly tighten the stone. Not recommended for fragile
stones, unless you’re fearless about it like I am.

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The only suggestion I might have for you without seeing the problem
is that bearing edge is too far away from the girdle of that loose
stone. This stone could very well be “slip-sliding-away” INSIDE of
the hole. Try not to OVER-CUT your inner bearing, also and make the
stone to sit tight. Are you burnishing the bezel with a metal pusher
or just forming the metal down? You might not be exerting much force
on your ‘downward’ pushing…


The answer may be to make your bezels slightly oversize. This allows
you to bring the top edge down to the stone rather than working from
bottom of bezel toward the top. The bezel would be holding the stone
against its bearing rather than against the opposing bezel wall.
Parallel walls are not rigid; triangulated, even if its just a little
bit, is stronger.


I don’t set too many silver bezel stone. I set mostly in gold.bezel setting,bead setting and prong setting.My father more
than 30years ago told me to use and still using chasing tool and
hammer.The alternative is to buy you a

Pneumatic Air Scribe.To make chasing tool, should be 3 inches long
and 1.5x1.5mm. square bevel edged smooth end.After you burnished the
bezel down the final touch is to use the chasing tool hammer the
bezel perpendicular. Your bending the

bezel into the stone and without too much pressure to the stone.I
hope this will help you. I lived in Midland from 1972 to 1984 and
have jewelry store there.Worked with Ted Kruger,Mike Cristiani,Frank
Hawk and know personally Mr. Winfree Brown Joe of Morroco Rock shop
and Mickey hope still there and say Hi To them. I see your Work all
are unique and awesome. Any qustion call Me.

Renato L. Ronquillo CMBJ