Using Smith little torch with disposeable propane and disposeable oxygen

Do I need to disconnect hoses from disposeable regulators for Smith little torch after use

My regulator for my Little Torch is only for propane. It shuts off by turning the Red Top. I would assume the same for a disposable bottle O2 regulator. I use an O2 generator so I don’t ever get near a disposable O2 bottle.


Hi Steven,

here is a link to the Smith Little Torch manual, in case you don’t have one…double check to see that this is for the same model as yours…talks about uss eith both disposable and compressed gases…

also, if you purchased from a major tool supplier, perhaps you can call their tech support.


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I use disposal tanks with my Smith Little torch. There’s no need to disconnect the hoses after use as long as you are careful to shut off each tank completely.

I must be having a moment! What is a disposable O2 tank and where do you get them?!!

Before covid, you could get small 1lb. oxygen tanks at the hardware store. They were the same size as the MAPP, propane and acetylene tanks sold for plumbers torches; some plumbers torches actually require two fuels.

During the early days of covid, the small oxygen tanks began disappearing from store shelves; I haven’t seen any for more than a year. Since I couldn’t find a regular supply, I purchased a repurposed oxygen concentrator from Rio Grande about two years ago. (My studio is in my home; I didn’t want a full-size oxygen tank for insurance purposes.) You have to start the concentrator at the same time as the pickle pot to have enough pressure to solder, but it works well.

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