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[UK Source] Decent jewellers workbench

Hello to all you orchid people in the UK. I am moving from a rented
bench in a jewellers workshop, into a temporary workshop in my
parents garage. I am looking for a sturdy jeweller’s workbench, I can
make do for a while but I really need a workbench with a cutout and a
benchpin. I have seen some nice ones advertised by a maker in
Coventry called specialist woodworking, but they cost over 400 pounds
when delivered.

Can anyone give me some advice where to look. Ideally I would like
to get a proper hardwood beechwood single jewellers bench if
possible, not one with metal legs and plywood top like the ones
Cookson sell. I am moving my workshop at the end of next week so I
need some quick suggestions please. I will be based near Guildford in
Surrey but my dad will drive me almost anywhere within reason to
collect a bench for me.

Thanks Jackie ( a struggling newcomer to this business )

Note From Ganoksin Staff:
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Hi Jackie -

Suttons in Birmingham’s jewellery quarter do one for UKP 300
including VAT and I am pretty sure they will deliver:

they are a lovely company; very friendly and helpful. I’ve never
bought anything that huge from them, but would recommend them

I’ll have a check for some other suppliers, but they are the first
who come to mind.


Hi Jackie,

ready-made jeweller’s bench of the type you’re looking for, for less
than 400 pounds. However, having looked again, I’ve found the
following three links:
230 UKP plus VAT
280 UKP inc VAT
335 UKP plus VAT

I bought mine from HS Walsh. Mine is the 8 drawer bench which now
sells for 725 UKP plus VAT. It was 600 (and something) UKP plus VAT
and had a solid beech top (rather than the green laminated top) when
I bought mine. It’s great, has plenty of storage for most of my tools
but great benches can be bought for less. I’ve had to wood-glue all
the drawer joints as they fell apart quite quickly - they were just
put together with dowels and no glue - which is disappointing when
we spent so much money.

I hope you find your ideal bench for your new workshop. The one you
found may be quite a good buy?


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Hi Jackie, Have you seen the workbench sold by Bloomstein, it is not
made from beech but it looks quite sturdy. Michael Bloomstein is
based in Brighton, take a look at this link:

Also some time ago, when I moved my workshop to my home,I looked for
a suitable bench and found a double Emir Jewellers Workbench for sale
at an online company called This workbench was made
from beechwood and second hand but was also fitted with a Flamefast
blower and two bench torches. The cost was 250 pounds plus tax. These
benches cost over 1000 pounds from Emir when new. I have checked
their website and they do not have it anymore but it will be worth
checking with them as they may know of others available. On another
subject, when you get settled in at Guildford give me a call as I
have put together a box of useful tools and goodies for you and I
will gladly come and see you at your new workshop.

Good luck with the move.
James Miller FIPG

Hello all,

Thanks for the suggestions re finding a decent jewellers bench in the
UK. Once again I must thank James Miller. he sent me contact details
of a second hand tool company that stocks workbenches. they are and luckily they are based in West Sussex not far
Emir solid beech workbench that can be adapted for my use, and it
only costs 125 pounds plus tax. my dad is driving me down to see them
later today and if all goes well I shall be sorted. So thanks James
Miller and Orchid for the speedy hopefully you have
solved my problem.

Thanks to all

you should at least look at the benches from i have
the one with the stainless steel top, it wieghs more than i do and i
wish i had bought it twenty years ago you wont regret paying the
shipping - goo

Hi Jackie

HS Walsh has an economy bench -


Note From Ganoksin Staff:
Looking for a workbench for your jewelry projects? We recommend: