UK reasonable salary

Hi, i have just asked my boss for a salary increase, i have been
with the same company (twenty five years) since i was seventeen. I
was recently told that it is a mistake to stay with the firm where
you were trained as you will always be seen as the apprentice. Any
ideas what kind of salary i could reasonably ask for?

I mainly do repair work, reclawing and setting and some custom
pieces, twenty five years experience and work in the north west of
England. Also any advice for dealing with salary negotiations from
boss or employee point of view would be interesting.

Thanks, Steven.


There was an article about two years ago in one of the U S jewelry
trade magazines on the cost of replacing an employee. The cost to
the company is 1.5 times the employee’s salary just to replace an
employee who quits or retires. This is a computation of training
costs, recruiting costs, company morale, etc.All of the costs
incured before the new employee starts to be productive. A very
interesting article. It would be worth your time to research this. It
could well be support for your salary increase if you can show the
company a dollar benefit in retaining you as an employee as opposed
to replacing you. I am sorry I do not remember which magazine, but
the title of the article was something along the lines of “what does
it cost to replace an employee” or “employee replacement costs” or
"the true costs of replacing an employee". A very interesting article
for employees as well as employer. Good luck in your quest for a
reasonable salary. (I can’t even imagine working for the same
company for 25 years)

Frank Goss