Two benches sharing one scope - mounting suggestions?

Hello everyone,

I am tasked with shopping around to look for set ups for how we can have two benches close together, that share the microscope and pneumatic graver.

There are lots of booms and stands that I think would work, and I have some ideas, but I was wondering if anyone out there is already done this, and could share what they learned about setting it up.


In European shops often five benches are arranged in a circle, cut into one large benchtop, so the jewelers can share many infrequently used tools.
Two benches set back to back, like a partner’s desk, could have the post for the microscope set between them. While having the graver handle mounted similarly would be easy, rigging the foot pedal so either could use it would be more difficult. Possibly you could wire two pedals to a selector switch.

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Thank you. I hadn’t considered putting the benches back to back, and that could allow for a very efficient use of the space.

I’m going to have to look for some pictures of those European set ups, it sounds really interesting.


i was just thinking…

…another option could be to have a separate bench dedicated to the scope and graver.

i have a Leica A60 on an Acrobat Versa stand

it has a rectangular base that is 6x4”
the pole is 1” in diameter

measuring from the front edge of the work table, back by to the center of the pole, it is set back 20.5”.

based on the scopes current forward reach, i dont think i would mount it much further back.

my standard jewelers benches are 20" deep.

if you put two jewelers benches back to back, perhaps you could mount a strip of wood, maybe 4" or 6" wide, between the two, to mount the stand on…and, perhaps you could mount a sturdy lazy susan on the strip to set the air graver on…with the foot pedal and compresser hoses dropping down between the two benches…the footpedal would be on the ground in the middle and could be pulled to either side


Hi again,

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