Tutorial - Elephant Hair Bracelet

Making Elephant Hair Bracelet
By Munya Avigail Upin, 2005

  1. Straighten 52 inches of 18 gauge round wire by putting one in the
    vise, securing the other in draw tongs or parallel jaw pliers, and
    pulling on the wire.

  2. Cut 4, thirteen inch pieces of 18 gauge round wire (from the
    straightened piece) for the bracelet (one may also use 20 or 22
    gauge for the bracelet but 18 is sturdier). This bracelet, when
    finished, will have an adjustable circumference of 8-9 112 Inches.
    For a smaller bracelet, start with 4- twelve inch lengths.

  3. Cut 2- ten inch pieces off 20 gauge for the knot. The gauge and
    length should be adjusted if using thinner wire for the bracelet or
    making bigger knots.

  4. Tape the four 18ga. pieces together every 3 inches starting three
    inches from the end. Be sure the wires are side by side.

  5. Bend 4 strands into an “S” curve using forming or flat pliers.
    Close loop ends. The “S” should be approximately 318 inch in length.

6. Bend the length of all the wires around a bracelet mandrel, or
other form, with the “S” loop end on top of the other wires. Keep
all wires adjacent to one another- side by side.

  1. Making the first knot:

a. Bend 1 112 inches of the ten inch piece at a right angle

b. Feed the long piece of the wire through the “S” (either loop
of the “S” will do)

c. Wrap around the “S” curve AND wires underneath. Wrap the
entire length of the “S” and put the end of the wire through
the other loop of the “S”. One end of the wire should be
pointing toward you and the other end away from you.


  1. Take the short end of the original" knot" wire and put it into
    slot "K and pull through. Take what is left of the long wire and put
    it into slot " W and pull through. Use parallel jaw pliers to
    “square up” the knot. Clip and finish ends as necessary.

9. Place the end wires (other end from where the knot is) on top of
the four original wires (the wires will lift up and cross over).
Start the second “S” curve by bending the wires down and then up.

  1. Repeat step number 8 with the second 10-inch piece.

  2. Tumble polish or brass brush. DO NOT BUFF.