Elephant hair bracelet knots

I am trying to copy an African elephant hair bracelet using light
guage plastic wire but I dont know how to tie the knots. I have not
been able to find anything on this on the web, if anyone can help me
it would be great.

this is what it looks like.


Finally something I can do (perhaps harder to explain). You guys are
all so advanced you kind of intimidate me!

This for a 2 knot bracelet, but can be adapted to a 4 knot one fairly

  1. Cut 4 pieces of wire at 12" for a small two knot bracelet. (I
    have used 18 gauge and 16 gauge)

  2. Cut 2 pieces of wire at about 15"

  3. Wrap strands around a bracelet mandrel and bypass them taping so
    about 3 1/2" sticks out each side.

  4. On each end measure back about 3/4" and another 3/4" (you might
    decide to make this area smaller or larger depending on the size of
    wire and number of wraps)

  5. To make the knot bend 180 degrees at the mark that is 1 1/2" from
    the tip then at the mark nearest the tip bend 180 degrees (the tips
    of the wire will have gone 360 degrees so they are back parallel to
    the original wire. Don’t flatten this area too much.

  6. Wrap the 15" wire around this flattened knot (tuck the end in
    parallel to the original 4 wires so it is not seen on top of the
    knot). I wrap the 15" wire around 12 times then tuck it down through
    the original “knot” and go around the outside of the 12 wraps and
    between them and the original turned back knot. I do this twice. Hide
    the end inside the knot behind one of the first 2 turns on the
    original wire

  7. Do the same on both sides.

I use these specific numbers so I have 4 wires (for the seasons) 12
wraps (for the months) and 2 knots (for the sun and the moon). I had
planned to make some of these for sale, but it takes so much wire and
some time to do, so it is one of the few pieces I will actually give
away to close family.

Perhaps I should put some sort of directions on the site. I will try
to get a photo up within a few days.

Hope it helps,

Don’t know if there is a name for them, as I have a couple of rings
made with one knot in the center of the ring. I have watched a guy I
worked with on the circus(I was the guy on the end of the shovel and
the bull) roll and tie the ring and bracelets. The rings were easier
and faster to make therefore could be sold faster and make more
bottle money.Plus most people wouldn’t pay the money for the work
for the bracelets. If you don’t have one to look at with a
magnifier. And since you are using wire, you need a long section of
wire to do the wrap and tighten up/tie off. the it is cut at one end
even with the start of the loops. I have only did a couple, 30 plus
years ago.

You want to check out google for macrame and fancy knotting sailor
rope work. There are a number of decorative rope flourishes that
should fit you need.

Just a side note about elephant hair it is coarse, hard and very
tough. If you ever remember seeing the young ladies riding the neck
of a bull in the circus and wondered why she had on such torn up
pair of fishnets or regular panty hose. Its because they would be
shredded after riding for 5 feet on the neck. Even with blue jeans
on your inside leg that was rubbing the hair. Would be red. the
worse job was ridding the bulls in the street parades.

And yes they did and do use a blow torch/ propane torch to shave an

Been there, rode the elephant and never wanted to again !


Try this site it has a range of knots including a section on
decorative knots. http://www.animatedknots.com



I’m not really good “seeing” things to be able to tell if they are
the same or not (knot) 3-dimensionally. A few of the knots on this
site animatedknots.com in the fishing section looked like your knot.
It’s a cool site. It shows a little “movie” on how to tie each knot.

Good Luck

Hi John,

I’ve posted the instructions for an elephant hair bracelet before
and I believe they are in the Orchid archives.

Tutorial - Elephant Hair Bracelet

Good luck
Munya Avigail Upin

I read with interest your riding the elephants. Because way back in
the 60’s I was with Ringling Bros. and did the same thing. It was a
great way to spend the summer!! And we did give them hair cuts with a

This question came up several years ago and someone posted
instructions with drawings on Orchid, so it’s in the archives. I’ve
made several rings following the directions and I have at least one
bracelet in silver wires here at home…I used to live in Kenya and
saw the bracelets all the time.

Donna in VA

Try this site it has a range of knots including a section on
decorative knots. http://www.animatedknots.com 

The closest knot to the one for the Elephant Hair bracelet is under
decorative knots - Monkey Fist. On the bracele it is tied around the
end of the tripled wire (after the folds have been done) and around
the original bracelet wire, so it encompasses 16 wires.