Tough 'n' Tender endorsement retraction

A while back I endorsed a product with the company name of EcoSense
and the specific product Tough ‘n’ Tender. I recently bought some to
replenish my supply. The previous formula was viscous, blue-green and
no perceptible smell. The new stuff is clear, watery and smells
suspiciously like Simple Green. The new product doesn’t clean nearly
as well, and the smell runs me out of the room.

If anyone has a good alternative that is non-ammoniated, gets the
grease off of metals and is gentle/non-destructive on stones, please
give me a reference. Thanks!

Hello, Kathy,

I use just plain old simple old Dawn dish detergent, along w/
boiling hot water in a large mug & soft tooth brush. Works pretty
well. It really breaks up the grease, and unlike when used w/
ammonia, it’s gentle on turq., jade, and other porous stones that
Rich so generously provides for me. Operative is HOT, HOT water. I
actually use the teakettle when the instant hot isn’t hot enough. I
don’t have a steamer. Knowing you, you’ve probably already done this.

At your suggestion a long time ago on Orchid, I finally purchased an
ionic cleaner. It is so fun to see that tarnish disappear on
sterling. Will help me a lot before the shows that I do.

Kay Taylor


I use ionic laboratory glassware cleaners like Decon 90, Decon
Neutracon or Micro. Another choice would be Citriklene. All superb
at stripping contamination from metals. The last one contains no
detergent, none are ammoniated.