Torch for melting sterling silver

Hello, i’m looking around for torch for melting sterling silver &
hopefully eventually small amounts of gold.

Ive looked at a thread where somebody was having problems with the
valves on the Hoke torch but any other feed back on this torch?

Also as far as melting very small amounts of sterling silver or gold
with propane goes in an open crucible will i need oxygen as well or
will a tip that jets in air be upto it. (i’m thinking a prestolite or
turbotorch can just about be used to melt small amounts of silver)


Hello Joel,

The classic plumber’s torch with disposable tanks will do just fine.
There are instructions for doing pine needle castings where sterling
is melted with such a torch on a piece of 2x4. A fun activity that
can be done outdoors with very simple materials. Here are

Have fun,
Judy in Kansas, where the sun shone today, but very little melting…

Because we also are beginning to expand our work, we use The Little
Torch by Smith (I believe…my husband has the better memory here.)
I’ve used a small butane torch for fine silver (it doesn’t get hot
enough to work well with sterling silver, but it’s nice and light
for doing work with chains we’re making, etc.), and even a bulky
Fleet Farm torch on both silver and sterling silver. We don’t work in
gold at this point with only a few exceptions.

It’s all in what you want to do, and whether you feel you ‘need’ the
versatility that a torch system offers. We like the Little Torch.


Hi Joel…reference the Torch for melting sterling silver: When I
was teaching in the Adult Ed program we used the Oxy/Acetylene Torch
for the Centrifugal Caster. It definitely was “HOT”. I don’t have
the Little Torch, but some may find that it works for them.

In my home studio I have an AquaVac - don’t think they make them
anymore -

great little vacuum caster. I’ve used it for 34 years. I use a
Prestolite torch tip #6 with the Acetylene tank (Plumber’s type). It
works wonderfully with the crucibles. Have used it for gold rings. I
have never had any problems not getting a full casting - I do use up
to 3x4 cylinders. I didn’t think the Propane alone with room air was

Rose Marie Christison