Tie pin backing

Hi All,

I have been asked to make a tie pin and am now trying to work out
how to make the back part that keeps the pin in place. The type I
have seen are commercial ones that are made on some machine. Is it
just like a larger version of a earring backing? Any advise will be
greatly appreciated.

Sharron in Dhaka where the heater is put away and the fans are on,
no air-con just yet.

A tube of some sorts with a neoprene rubber insert will do you well.

Nick Royall

Is it just like a larger version of a earring backing? 

No its definitely not. For one thing the ‘commercial findings’ type
has a steel spring that bites into the post, said post being much
thicker than an earring post. If anything its more like those Alpha
System earring parts, except the Alpha has a grooved post to accept
the ‘grippers’. A tie tac back doesn’t want a groove because ties
come in various thicknesses, so you need some adaptability. The
other thing is the regular tie tac backs covert he point of the post.
No chance of being stabbed in the sternum.

Oh and one more thing…those backs are forever being lost and
replaced…just go with the commercial version, plenty cheap and no
head (or chest) aches. I’ve never met anyone who objected to them
not being karat gold.