[Tidbits] Fetish Jewelry

Anybody out there remember Tippi Hedren in The Birds? Well … I
have a similar theme to show you… not quite la Hitchcock of
course… but then what is?

So… that said… shall we discuss Fetish… or Fetishism… or
Fetis hes. Actually… I’m not being fair. I’m only talking about the
type of fetish in which a spirit is said to live in an inanimate
object. The other two on the list have less to do with spirits and
more to do with human penchants… an area in which I think I shall
not tread… caution being the better part of valor and all that.

I have a turquoise necklace to show you. It is of Zuni origin and
dates back to the early 1950’s. It is a Fetish Necklace… and the
Fetishes are birds. Ah… you see how neatly this is all tying in? Do
you think Hitchcock ever suspected the labyrinthine paths his works
would one day take.

And now of course comes the question… why a fetish necklace? What
good is it? Tell us that Benjamin… why don’t you. Well… let us
not forget the magical powers inherent in fetishes. How can one not
venerate an object that promises not only good luck… but is
inhabited by a being of great powers who has it within his/her
powers to grant you all your wishes and cure you of all your ills.
Sadly… my necklace does not tell what kind of bird these little
fetishes represent. Are they Cocks, or Crows, or Cuckoos, or Doves?
Are they Eagles or Geese or Hawks? The list is endless. And perhaps
it doesn’t matter.

All that matters is the inhabiting spirit… which… as it turns
out… may well be an ancestor. Your Auntie Gilda may be in one of
the Birds. Your Uncle Mike in another. Your grandfather
Jake–curmudgeon that he was-- may be in yet another. Let us not even
mention the Hatfields and the McCoys. There are possibly tribes and
tribes of unfriendly entities inhabiting these turquoise birds strung
about the owners neck. I counted over 75 of these little feathered

75 different spirits folks… each inhabiting his own bird…
possibly each hating the other… or perhaps loving the other… or
perhaps lusting after each other (does anyone out there know if
spirits lust). There’s room here for conflict mes amis.

I read that some spirits are eager for human flesh and blood. Does
red liquid ooze out of the sides of their mouths as they voraciously
dine on the wearer of the day of the necklace of fetishes?

Hear ye hear ye. Necklace for sale… cheap. Look at the pretty
little boidies. Necklace miss? Pretty turquoise necklace around that
elegant slender aristocratic neck… here… try it on… I’m sure
you will be enchanted. They say it’s magical my dear. Try it on. Yes
yes. Do.

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Fetish Bird Necklace.

And there ya have it.
That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark

Great necklace, Ben. You also have a few bears in there!!! I have a
great collection of Fetish Necklaces and unstrung Fetishes in
waiting. I really hadn’t assigned any of my relatives to the beings,
but might think about it after your story. Where do you come up with
such fascinating info?

Thanks - think we missed a few episodes, eh?


I know about the bears. I was a tad careless. I will quote my mother
to you and all. When she became frustrated with me for not being
able to see or find the obvious she would say: “Benale. Look with
your head… not with your eyes.” I only looked with my eyes. My
error. As to missing episodes… I know I missed one. It was not a
happy week for me. Too much to do… not enough time in which to do
it. Hasn’t anyone ever told anyone that a 24 hour days just is not
enough? 36 would be more reasonable I think. 48 would be ideal.
Also… if you don’t mind… I would very much like to know more
about your unstrung Fetishes in waiting.

Best wishes,