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[Tidbits] Amethyst Ring

Okay. Here we go. Not to worry. The ramparts are built.
Fortifications have been erected. Let them blast away. Zippers…
carefully stitched onto my lips. They’re sealed. Blindfolds in
place. Shields up. Bang! Bam! Earplugs in. Can’t listen to the
incessant prattlings. I’ll take the tigers in the jungle. Give me the
leopards. The lions. Anything. A raging elephant. All predators
welcome. Well… not all. It’s the humans that worry me. Can’t help
it. Experiences cascade like gloom. Specters attack. More ramparts.
More fortifications. Slings. Arrows. Lightening bolts. The whole
kaboodle. Zeus. Thor. Can’t remember all the names. A touch of
anomia. Mixed mythology. Do I care? Bring 'em on. Varlet. Quick. My
shield. I’m ready. All right all right. A deep breath. The story

Once upon a time… no no no. It’s been done. There was a crooked man
who walked… I’ll keep it short. Curtail the embellishments. I was
at their house. They were all there. The whole family. Sons.
Daughters. Wives. Husbands. The father. The father and I are old
friends. Yes yes. I won’t lie. Here and there… a friend pops up. If
you have one you have more than most, they say. They say so many

One of the children sidle up. The wife of the son of the father. She
has a stone. An amethyst. Pear shape. Nice color. Tip of it is
chipped. Smashed to smithereens. Can it be fixed? Yes. No. Well… if
you want to lose the size. She frowns. What should I do. Buy another
one. Can’t. It has sentimental value.

The table is laden with stuff. Paper. Crayons for grandchildren.
Large three quarters empty pizza box. I grab a crayon. Orange. Better
than blood red. I sketch. Here. Look. Zip zap. A pear shape. A
triangle at the end. I scribble circles. I’ll fill it with diamonds.
Cover the tip of the amethyst. I’ll angle the metal in below the tip
to create a shadow. No reflection at the tip of the stone this way.
Chips and smasherei will be invisible.

She smiles. I don’t care if I have to work on Matrix for a year. I’m
going to make her happy. At night… the computer. Fiddle and diddle.
Some rough curves. A couple of sweeps. Just to give her a taste
before I plunge head-in. I render the whole shebang. It looks great.
I send it on. Reply email is immediate. Go for it. I step another
step. Render again. How did I get that reflection on the first one. I
had lost my concentration and did something without knowing what it
was I had done. Can’t figure it out. I call Tom and Dick and Harry.
How did I do this? No one has a clue. But I finally figure it out. I
had drifted and pushed a wrong button which turned out to be right.
Right is wrong and wrong and right and often the twain do meet.

I send on the next image. Price included this time. Onward. More
Matrix. A little Photoshop here and there for touch-up. Don’t want
the diamonds to look too dark. Ignore if they’re a little blurry.
Overall effect is there. And then I’m done. Don’t ask how long it
took. It took long. Grow the wax. Cast. Set. Polish. Assemble.
Well… if the order is off the order is off. Maybe it was assemble
polish set. Who cares? It’s the final that counts.

Wanna see? Don’t ask any questions. My lips are zipped. Dig those
ramparts steeper men. Man the canons. Where’s my anti-criticism
cloak. Let the hurlings begin. Okay. Go. Look. You know where. Me…
I’m going to the movies.

For those of you who are new to this thing called Tidbits…may I
direct you to my home page at where you
will scroll down the left side menu till you get to the area that
says Current Tidbits. Click it… and you will see represented on our
pages… an amethyst ring created by moi and made to hide a chip.

And there ya have it. That’s it for this week folks. Catch you all
next week.

Benjamin Mark


reading your tidbits posting I had an image in my mind of what you
had done and I must say that seeing the finished article left me
stunned. I have a couple of jobs on my bench for relatives that I had
put off whilst thinking about how to make the best of them, first one
is turning a graduated sapphire ring into gifts for 3 granddaughters
of my late uncle and the second was to make something out of an odd
diamond earring. My original thoughts were fairly simple, a couple of
pairs of earrings and a pendant from the sapphires and a ring from
the odd earring but having seen this ring I think I will be a little
more adventurous. Thank you for showing us your current tidbit, you
have woken me from my winter slumber.

Nick royall


WOW ! This ring is gorgeous! Design is striking. I am also amazed
that the writing accompanying the ring is over-the-top clear of the
process and the emotions.

Benjamin, you never cease to amaze.

Best regards, MA

It is beautiful, what an genius way to maintain the pear shape.
Blessings pat

Oh my goodness…that is one incredible ring.

You are an outstanding writer…I just loved reading the “tale”.

Rose Marie Christison

How do you go about seeing the amethyst ring? I would live to see it.


Dear Mary, there is a link in the test of the message. It took me a
few journeys to find out which link, but it is really great being
ableto see what others are doing. blessings pat