Thumbler's Tumbler & O rings

Why is it so hard to find replacement O rings for these tumblers?
I’ve looked through the archives for a source, but haven’t had any
luck in a direct match.

The company who makes Thumbler’s Tumblers, True Square Metal
Products, doesn’t have a Web site, either.

I’m going to call the company tomorrow, but in the meantime, does
anyone have a good source for the o-ring (or gasket) for the lid for
the 3 lb. tumbler?

I noticed a nick in my O ring and I’ve got at least 3 more loads I
want to tumble before my show on Saturday. Wish me luck that my ring
holds out!

Tracy’s Treasures


I do not have a response on the O ring. Let me quote from my Gyroc
vibrating tumbler instructions. “After preparing all and before
putting on the lid, stretch at least 2 layers of cling type plastic
kitchen sheet over the tumbler, then put on the lid.”


It’s super easy to find a replacement O ring for this tumbler – Rio
sells them! They are about $3.00 each.

In the Rio catalog the tumbler is not called a Thumler’s Tumbler,
but that’s what it is. You can buy a whole new barrel, or just the O
rings. The same size O ring for lid also works as the doo hikey that
connects the motor to the part that turns. (Wow, that was
inarticulate, guess I should get some sleep.)


Elaine Luther
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I also use a Thumbler’s and they do have a website. You can find them

Good Luck
Greg DeMark
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We carry Thumler’s Tumblers and if you get nowhere with the company,
contact, and have her get one for you right
away. I’m sure it will be no problem.


Hi Tracy, why not take your tumbler barrel to an engineering supply
company? Most commercialy available machinery uses of the shelf O
rings, so they will probably have one that fits on the shelf, at a
fraction of the price the company will charge! If it is a funny
size, you can buy kits to make your own - just lengths of the rubber
that you cut to the size you want, then super glue together. A tip
is to cut the rubber on an angle, then the other end on the same
angle to give the glue the maximum surface area.

Good luck !
Philip Wells in sunny Nelson

Why is it so hard to find replacement O rings for these tumblers?

O rings can be made. Save the old O ring, take it to a hardware shop
or hydraulic shop. There they can be made to order. Get several for

You can make them yourself if you wish. Cut to fit with a clean
single edge gem razor blade. then glue together with a good super
glue. A better way is to weld both ends together with a clean, hot,
cheap, knife blade. Get both ends hot simultaneously and then push
the ends together. Some slight flashing will be left at the junction,
just trim it to a smooth.

There are power transmission " O rings " which are available. These
are tougher, otherwise they work the same. I remember them being red
in color.


Look in the Yellow pages (Classified listings for those outside
North America) under hydraulic equipment or Heavy Machinery. They
usually stock O rings in a wide verity of sizes and many also have
the equipment to do custom sizes. All you need to know is the
diameter of the o ring Material and the diameter or length of the
outer circumference… Let your fingers do the walking, Call and ask