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The Ganoksin Project - A Project in Transition

The Ganoksin Project
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Jewelry Manufacturing Methods and Techniques

The Ganoksin Project - A Project in Transition


In recent times, we are bringing Ganoksin forward in many ways. It
is our intent to reward our members with enhanced features, some
visible and some not.

You are seeing the transition of our Orchid Gallery and
BenchExchange, The visual front of The Ganoksin Project; we invite
all of you to post your works, for all to see.

Blogging on Ganoksin - Ganoksin will be offering ALL members of the
Orchid Family, the opportunity to create a personal Blog on Orchid.
You may use this in any of many ways, for example, to augment your
personal progress, from inception to completion. It will be your
space, to use as you see fit, try it, I know you will like it, and
share within and without.

Workshop Central - this is a long ago mentioned, soon to be
initiated section within Ganoksin. It will be a Worldwide Data Base
of Workshops, their presenters, their locations, dates, costs, and
all pertinent This will be extremely not
only in your immediate area, but also where you may be vacationing,
attending a conference, or just wanting to visit.

Orchid’s Design Competition - this soon to be launched event, is
exciting to think about, and stimulating for the creative bent
within all of us. This will be a wonderful opportunity to
participate in a fair and unbiased competition. With the
International exposure of Orchid, it will be a "not to be missed"
happening. Look for it coming soon.

New Product Launch - Ganoksin will offer all Manufacturers,
Distributors and inventive geniuses Orchidians, the platform from
which to introduce new products to the Orchid Community. What a
great opportunity to immediately know of something new, and possibly
wonderful, as it enters the marketplace. No three month lag time for
magazines, no limited exposure, simply an instantaneous and wide
audience coming out party.

In order to make all the above easier and smoother, we have invested
in a new server, doubling our Bandwidth, and increasing computing
speed by 600%!

As you can see, there are both major and minor changes coming within
Orchid, Something for everyone. Keep watching this space, and yes,

Lastly, we are changing our Raffle, and in doing so, want to thank
Karen Christians for all the work she has put into it, to make it
the success it has been. She now has time to dedicate to continue
the development of her latest endeavor, Cleverwerx. We wish Karen

Ganoksin has worked hand in hand with many, and deeply appreciate
those who have become active supporters. That, along with our many
wonderful members, are the life blood that feeds the project, and we
hope to continue and increase our wonderful base, and
encourage the continuation of sharing as we so happily have known.

We could not be where we are without you all. Our deepest thanks and
gratitude goes out to you.

Thank you, one and all,

The Ganoksin Project

The Ganoksin Project ( is the largest virtual
single source for searchable archived content for jewelry
and metals in the world. Its 8500 Orchid members foster sharing,
support community, enhance productivity and encourage studio safety,
by promoting education in the jewelry and metal arts worldwide.

Dear Hanuman,

I have been an Orchid Subscriber and Participant, for a very long
time. I want you to know I speak from the heart.

I watched this Bud, open and blossom into a Field of Dreams. I
listened to Charles Lewton Brain’s impassioned pleas in support of
Orchid, and have seen his unfailing belief in its value to the
community at large.

I was well aware how much you, singlehandedly was doing to build a
dream, that would greatly benefit all. When Ton came on board, I
knew your load would not be reduced, but out great benefits would be
increased. That is how it is.

I also knew, that up to the creation of Orchid, the jewelry
community was a close to the vest community. Good was not
easy to come by, and suspicions ran high. Early on, there was some
evidence of this in posts, that were less than helpful, and scary to
some newcomers.

Moderating the posts became a necessity, and has always been very
fairly done. It is a daunting task, especially with the volume
Orchid receives on a daily basis.

Recognizing that Orchid, is indeed an International entity, and
making certain that all posts are treated equally and fairly, is in
and of itself monumental, and incredibly well done.

The outpouring of empathy shown, when an area is faced with
disasters, is warm, and typical of brothers and sisters, prejudice
is not seen. Yes that is a tribute to you Hanuman, and Ton, and Thank

It is with the strong support of this community at large, that
Orchid, will continue to bloom, with great color and persistence.
Will I miss some of it, well yes, for sure. Will I participate more
to insure its continued success, well that is for sure.

I am thankful to you Hanuman and Ton, for giving me the opportunity
to make so very many wonderful friends over these years, and to enjoy
the lessons so generously shared by so many.

Orchid, Long May It Bloom!

In deepest Sincerity, and with Hugs,

Teresa Anita Masters

Kudos to all of you working at the Ganoksin Project,

I just want to tell you how much I appreciate the exciting services
you make possible for the rest of us! It is already a great resource
for me and through your hard work and foresight it is getting even
better! I look forward to participating and hopefully becoming a
more active member of the Orchid community. Thank you !!

Victoria Woollen-Danner

Go Ganoksin!

Orchid and Ganoksin ROCK!

Thank you Hanuman and Ton for all you do for this family.

It is time for my birthday contribution to Orchid - anybody else?