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The Art and Jewelry of J.Grahl Design


hi, how deep is your black jade ? Did you cut it or have it cut for you ? And what holds it in place ?
Thanks Marna


Hawaii plays a big part in my personal life, I have family members of Hawaiian heritage, I surf there, and of course the surfing culture in general acknowledges Hawaii as the root of the sport.
There are various ways to capture snapshots go the amazing artistic heritage of this culture. We have created a number of pieces referencing this heritage, among them, these 18K and enamel selections of Hawaiian Quilt patterns. Many of these intricate pieces are in museums throughout the islands. Our little Bamboo framed pendants show a bit of the flavor and detail.


That’s not a statement. That’s a shout out:-)
So glad to see old school platinum fabrication.
-Jo Haemer


Thanks Jo…Much appreciated.
Best to the Master…


Certainly a style, also a point of view.
I’m intrigued by pieces fabricated using the least number of steps. In this piece I wanted to give the client a ring that presented well regardless of the diamond size (.65 ct).


Thanks for describing the steps. Love these!


The nature of maturing, having a bit more income, or just a change of scenery.
Using one’s engagement diamond in a new mounting is one of the most common projects.
As one’s viewpoint develops , new visions for the design of your dreams expands.
In this case, for dear friends, a hand fabricated platinum wedding suite with a somewhat campy take on a vintage design.
3 ct center diamond wit smaller accents…
Oldly wed…Newly happy.


I can’t tell you what an inspiration you are from your cool surfboards and Hawaiian pendants (My sister lives in Hawaii so the islands are very special to me, too )to some of the most elegant pieces I’ve ever seen. I’m a newbie in this field and your range of pieces are my favorites in Ganoksin. I can’t wait to see what you post next. Thanks for sharing them with us.


Thank you for sharing your love of the islands.
There are so many artists & craftspeople on this site as well as in our world in general.
Being inspired by others is like adding fuel to a fire. My passion grows with each new piece and person I’m exposed to.
Keep at it, we’re all just starting in a way, there is no “end” to get to.
All my best,


Small gets big…
What are today considered “smaller” diamonds often get tucked in a drawer. It could gave been a piece from mom, your first engagement ring or half of a pair of earrings where one went missing.
No matter how it found itself needing a home, there it sat.
This piece, fabricated in platinum and 18K yellow gold was that orphan, a .75 ct. round diamond now adopted in a new , more contemporary home.


Bits & pieces…
There is a style here… not sure what to call it, kind of Coffee House Chic maybe.
I love wrought iron, fences, gates, Victorian & Deco alike.
I attempted to catch a bit of that flavor here using about 75 fabricated pieces of platinum, a really great E VS1 1.05 ct. round diamond and other diamond details.
No client in mind, just playing.


Wow, I would love to see what this looks like on a woman´s neck!!



Beautiful work


This is one of the most interesting things I have seen on Orchid in a
while! Excellent work.



Sharron- I’d muuuch rather see what it looks like on MY neck:-)
-Jo Haemer


OMG. This on I’m printing out and putting on the wall in front of my bench. Inspiring.


Time for a change…
I love the old Deco watches. They demonstrate some of the best jewelry workmanship of the era. However, in our contemporary world, they just don’t fit in. The face is small, the bands are minuscule, and we are harder on our jewelry in this age. When these were made (1930’s) they were treasured, worn to Tea parties and grand evenings out.
So, here is my take on absorbing all that is great about these tiny timepieces and giving them a larger presence (and they are still functional).
Hand fabricated in 18K yellow gold and platinum with some added diamond details.


Yesssss Jim,
Quite lovely. Very reminiscent of Victorian wrought iron work. Question: are bits if the center design suspended to allow movement? If so, then I REALLY like it!!

Judy in Kansas, where the Sweet Autumn Clematis is fully bloomed over the gate arbor. and just breath-taking.


What a lovely update. The Hamilton watch looks very like my mother’s. So durable. She wore hers for decades and passed it on to me. I wore it for ten years or so before I gave it to a daughter. She wears it only occasionally, but it still keeps perfect time!

Judy in Kansas, who is looking forward to fall football and hoping it will not be hot.


a Guy thing.
Wedding bands are a tough go for guys. A lot just don’t care, “Gimme a band…”. Some are super choosy, looking for the “Right” band, Others hit a certain stride that balances design with wearability and a bit of subtlety. Each has their place in my world.
Here is a quiet piece, hand turned titanium with 18K gold and platinum bands for the borders. These are actually pretty complex, requiring a center tube on which slides 3 titanium bands and the 2 18K and platinum bands. This way they are all equal thickness and the lines separating each piece is crisp and clear.
The ends of the center tube are flared to hold it all together.
A fair amount of machine time is spent here.