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The Art and Jewelry of J.Grahl Design


Classic ?
Traditional ?
Vintage ?
all fit with this one,
a newly fabricated platinum ring with a simple 1.25 ct emerald cut for a center stone.
This styling slightly pre-dates Art Deco, we started seeing it around 1900.
The lady who received this engagement ring was around 25 and had a penchant for early styling. Emerald cut diamonds lend themselves to this styling quite naturally.


I find the disconnect between the eye and the mind’s interpretation fascinating.
Thankfully so do many of my friends.
Here is a simple piece, fabricated in 18K yellow gold and platinum.
A 1.25 ct diamond in the center.
At first glance square, then with a second look… something else.


A Rosy day…
A collaboration for a great friend.
Don Ross & I have worked together for years, Don brings or produces projects that we each have a role in bringing to completion,
This is a great 18K rose gold ring we each shared a role in producing, soon to be followed by a pair of platinum matching bands… Sometimes it takes a village…


Hi Jim,
As a tyro metalworker, I really got a kick out of your characterization of that piece with the diagonally set square stone as “simple.” For you, I suppose so.

As the song says, "In this world of ordinary people, extraordinary people, I’m glad there is you…"
Keep the photos coming! They inspire!
Very Best,


And thank you very much.
Lots’a years…’ lotsa photos…
I’m glad that you find inspiration in viewing other’s work (thanks for including me…).
That has been my life to date, seeing something completely out of my range and attempting to parallel the piece or workmanship in some way.
Keep making’ stuff.
Thanks, Jim


One more Ode to the South-West…
(The last of the series)
Lots going on here…
The letter opener is hand fabricated in 18K yellow, sterling silver, stainless steel (blade) and a Carved Native American head in opal from Idar Oberstein Germany . The handle is covered in snakeskin
The necklace has a similar carved opal looking at a Mother of Pearl Moon, also fabricated in 18K yellow gold.
The bolo is on a hand woven leather cord, tied by a sterling silver gekko holding an Atocha 2 Reales fron 1622.
The Boot Is 18K yellow gold with a platinum spinning spur and movable bootstrap, set with Azurite and accented with diamonds…


Love that bolo slide, Jim, especially the way the tail wraps. Beautiful and very clever design.

(in the Southwest)


For a great friend…
An engagement ring well earned buy supporting her (soon to be) husband’s growing, but challenging, business.
Now years past and success in both the marriage and business… Congratulations.
Hand fabricated platinum, 1.25 ct diamond bordered by tapered baguettes.


Cuff me… Please
Hand fabricated cuff bracelet in platinum with a traditional Victorian scroll patters (less the fiddely details)
Everyday wear???


Pretty in Pink…
For one of my best friends.
Natural Fancy Pink diamond , paired with a D VVS1 twin.
Surrounded by pink and white diamonds set in a hand fabricated platinum ring.
Thanks for the gift of your trust in allowing me the space to create freely…


Your art and skills are amazing. I don’t have words that correctly describe what you are creating. Wow.


Ya just keep making stuff & look to others that are raising the bar.


Beautiful work


That is the name of the game, isn’t it Jim?

Speaking of raising the bar, you’re doing a fine job of that.



He hasn’t “raised the bar”, he got up & threw it away…:>)

Gerry Lewy
Toronto, Ontario.


WOW! That is a really beautiful ring. Must be some lucky gal who gets to wear that! :wink:


The Best (for the best ! )


New on the block…
“Oceana” (I never title pieces…)
This is the first of a series of morphs on this particular design.
Each end result is intended to look the same, but the ways of getting there different.
This is a client project for the Fraser Yacht heiress, a ring for a sailor and yachtswoman who is tall and stately, comfortable in jeans or a gown.
The concept was to create a ring that captured a bit of an oceanic feel, and could be worn at functions of import as well.
This is a combination of hand fabrication and cad . Mark Maxwell and I have been working on azures in cad format for a while as an experiment. As it turns out, it works, and still, I am basically doing the job twice because of the clean-up and polishing involved. There are easily 80+ hours in this piece. I’ll keep you-all posted on the upcoming versions and the methods of construction, which will include totally hand fabricated through hand carved versions.
In the end it will be interesting to see the commonalities as well as the variables involved.
Posted is the “Glory” shot (of sorts). The rest of the post will be in the Project Builds gallery, about 20 shots.


Hi, is this 12.75 ct. Alexandrite stone set from behind ?
And if so what is holding it in place ?
Rivets ? screws ?

thanks Marna


Hi Marna,
There are screwed that hold the back gallery plate on and seat the stone.
Thanks, Jim