Teaching beginners

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Be sure they have on shoes, no open toes. No loose clothing and tie hair back. Once saw a big bun caught up in a flex shaft. Ouch. Basic tools, half round file, pilers, rawhide hammer and saw frame should be great start. You could put together a basic kit for them. I wouldn’t want newbies using my good tools. 3 hours is good and once a week. I have no idea on what you should charge. Hope this helps. Good Luck


I would like to add to what @msjwlry suggested: I Always start my students with learning to hard solder using copper because it works very similar to Noble metals and is very cheap to buy and the shapes and sizes are available from hardware stores. Schools that I have attended use donated brass which is dirty and requires cleaning before utilizing otherwise solder joints are pitted from contamination. Casting small decorations for Applique is another way to introduce casting to the beginner. One can Solder the piece to be overlaid or Rivited, and adhesives are sometimes employed.
Also Protecting Ones Eyes from flying debris when using flex shaft or buffing wheel, and grinding wheel. Also being careful breathing stuff coming of anything that produces fumes or small particles, even wire brushing metals.
Another safety suggestion is: Your hands also need protection when doing different procedures in the shop, such as using a metal chisel, One way of holding chisel you expose a bunch of knuckles, the other way you expose your palm to this fine tuning instrument :cowboy_hat_face:
Safety is the biggest lesson . There are lots of ways to start out but starting out with a good foundation is something one will appreciate more and more as we mature into a confident Artist. Thanks, Steven


Great points!