[Suggestion] Orchid Pin

About a year ago someone on orchid had suggested that in Tucson
members wear an orchid pin so one another could be spotted easily(if I
remember the post correctly). I thought of a few things that would
benefit orchid members. The first thought was that any jewelers that
are interested could make a model pin of an orchid that could be
reproduced in production. There could be many mediums, price ranges,
and styles from all over the world. The jewelers would have a place
to put their designs up on the web and all of the orchid members could
vote on which ones to be used. There could be a total that would
include a feminine design, masculine design, different mediums,
different countries, etc. Once all the styles are voted upon and
chosen the members could order this through the web. It could be
used as a fund raiser. The benefits would be:. 1. The pins could be
worn at the trade shows so one could immediately spot some one else.
(ex: I was at a booth at the JA show a few weeks ago and another
couple was at the booth where we struck up a conversation. During the
conversation we both realized that we were both members of orchid and
had read each others posts. It was very nice talking and meeting with
Anthony Toepfler and his wife) 2. Orchid could raise funds for many
purposes such as: a. Health insurance program affordable for members
b. Jewelery school? c. Booth at a trade show d… Research on
Information that would be pertinant to the industry e. Possible help
where it is needed… f. Any number of ideas that members might have.
4. The jewelers that are chosen will make a small profit. This is
just a suggestion and I hope I have not offended anyone (I am not a
jeweler) How do all of you feel about this? Is there anyone who has the
time to organize anything like this? I don’t remember that fund
raising was every brought up before in this forum. I do realize it is
a big undertaking but it is just a suggestion. I absolutely think this
is the greatest forum and have suprised myself by reading technical
about jewelry and enjoying it even though I do not make
jewelry. It has been a deliciously bittersweet summer trying to finish
up my website and preparing my oldest son to go off to college across
the country. Diane Coming Soon: http://www.sweetgemstones.com Still
Closing: http://www.jdfindings.com

    About a year ago someone on orchid had suggested that in Tucson
members wear an orchid pin so one another could be spotted easily(if
I remember the post correctly). 

I, too, was wondering about an “Orchid Pin” to be worn as an
identifier. Since I’m planning to go to Tucson for the “big one”, I
would like to have a chance to meet other members and perhaps put
faces and voices to their names. One group of which I am a member,
uses a simple yellow map pin as an identifier - easily found and
understood only by other members. Maybe an orchid-colored disc
could be attached to one’s name tag is a quick, simple option. Let’s
have a few thoughts on this matter. Judy in Kansas where I just
harvested a 14 inch long butternut squash!

Judy M. Willingham, R.S.
Extension Associate
221 Call Hall Kansas State Univerisity
Manhattan KS 66506
(785) 532-1213 FAX (785) 532-5681

Diane, About the Orchid idea. I have a set of Orchid earrings and
brooch of high karat gold from Venezuela. They are old now and
beautiful. I wore them to Tucson but the earrings were screw back and
kept falling off. At the Rio “jewelry in motion show,” I stopped at the
booth demonstrating the spot welder and asked about converting the
earrings to posts. I borrowed a tool and removed the screw backs and in
a few sparks and seconds I had my post Orchid earrings. The person and
sorry I forget his name told me that earlier at another Jeweler’s show
in the North East an Orchid member brought some Orchid forms to which
the posts were attached, and they were given to other Orchid members. I
now have those also.

The person that had that done is hopefully reading this and will fill
in the blanks. I did notice that between the many badges some wore as
well as the jewelry on the women, it was not too easy to notice an
Orchid. The only persons I made contact with aside from the dinner
Dave Arens set up, was by badge name. My beautiful Orchid did nothing.

Judy, Great idea. With the rubber stamp and sticker craze, I am
certain a search will turn up something we all can use.

Many folks use different Badges for each show. Something portable such
as a sticker, may be the easiest. Has Avery come out with a sticker
sheet? Otherwise we can run them on tabs and cut them as needed. Teresa


I think this is a great idea! I do however, think the decision to do
it or not needs to be made by the owners of the web site. At least
they should give their stamp of approval. I would be a project,
that’s for sure. Done correctly, it could have a significant impact.


Good Morning everyone, Maybe one identifiable pin that could be used
as an orchid logo would work well. In my mind I keep thinking of the
ribbons that are used for the breast cancer walks and the aids walks.
Maybe the logo could have bright color from an enamelest instead of
being just silver or gold. Just another thought after reading
Theresas and Judy’s post.

Judy - at the SNAG conference in March this year, Karen Christians
had made little stickers of an orchid. She gave these to everyone to
attach to our SNAG nametags. If I remember correctly, she downloaded
a picture of an orchid and printed right on her own computer - a very
simple solution. I met a number of our Orchid members and think this
should be done at every large gathering! Gini in Florida, where summer will just never end

During the last SNAG, I downloaded a nice picture of an Orchid and
printed it to a sticky back adhesive paper. I made up about 20 of
these “pins” and handed them out. They worked great.

I also plan to be in Tucson this February for a few days and would
love to hook up with other Orchid folks.


Karen Christians
10 Walnut St.
Woburn, MA 01801


This thread makes me fell proud. I am proud that our community is no
longer virtual forum. We became a (sort of) family.

I have few ideas for your consideration;

  1. We can add our forum details to our business cards, letter heads,
    presentation materials, email signature etc.

  2. Among us there are some Graphic designers, I would appreciate if
    one of you would take this project, and come up with a nice design
    for the Orchid pin.

  3. We can choose to have it printed as a sticker, or to produce it
    from base metal. Again we need a volunteer to take over this project.

Any Ideas? Any volunteers? Contact me off line

Thanks for your support
Your Host

Hello Karen,

It seems to me that with Dr Aspeler’s permission the Orchid banner on
the following page could be modified to suit any occasion.


Hanuman, I would also suggest a form of identification for show
dealers to recognize Orchid members for special discounts at shows
and gatherings at the shows. Gewrry Galarneau

What about just a purple sticker in the shape of an orchid flower
that can be stuck to our plastic name badges.

What about creating a pin in 3D modeling software? It could then be
made in a variety of materials, translated to other software packages,
ect. Thoughts?

Pam Zellers
M2 Systems
14 Finance Drive
Danbury, CT 06810

** Hanuman’s Response **

Good Idea, Can you provide te service?

I’m responding to the sticker idea for identifying Orchid members
versus a pin. I can live with the sticker concept as a quick fix but
I’d also like to see a pin since this is a group for jewelers. Let’s
get other ideas out there aside from the orchid flower, possibly a
logo with the letters of the word Orchid or something with the O, or
a jewelers tool, or hey, how about a picture of Hanuman? :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: Or a
small logo is determined and each individual takes this center logo
and creatively builds their own pin around the logo and we can
identify each other by the center logo but then revel in the
creativity that being a jeweler allows. Anyway it sounds like fun!! NET

Dear Orchid members Orchid is the National flower from Venezuela. We
can find pins made of sterling silver for a price between 3 and 5
US$, the sizes 0.7 - 2 inches Of cours plus shipping. If you decide to
buy them here, I would suggest to send one package per country to any
ochidian member re-sent individualy, this will be more cost
effective.Depending on how you will like the handout to be. Let me
know if interested Best regards Claudia Breuer

** Hanuman’s note **

Dear Claudia

In a forum full of jewelers, why to pay for something we can produce
ourselves? :slight_smile: The idea of sending one parcel to each country is a
great one, will facilitate the distribution of the pin between us.


G’'day; A good while ago when this subject was first raised, I put a
start up suggestion for an Orchid badge on the Orchid ftp. site:-

http://www.ganoksin.com/ftp/maudiae6.jpg Maudiae6 (which is the
scientific name for a variety of orchid flower)

My suggestion was that something like that could be downloaded,
resized as required within limits, and printed out by any Orchid
member with a colour printer on to a sticky label or sticky paper,
and stuck to one’s clothing or it could be sized up for exhibitors to
use in their show booth. It costs virtually nothing. OK, so the
particular design I put forward might not have been terribly good (I
hadn’t had a scanner long then and the resolution isn’t as good as it
might be) or even desirable, but nobody took it further. So here’s the
thought again for consideration. In my humble opinion this is the
simplest answer to the badge question. Cheers, – John Burgess;
@John_Burgess2 of Mapua Nelson NZ

Hey, Net – I love the idea of a small logo that we can then embelish
as we please! margaret

Stickers work well. That’s why I used the orchid photo and stuck
them to our name badges.


I think the idea of a Orchid sticker that we could just put on our
badge holder is the best. Everyone at the show has at least one badge
holder that has to be worn so it would be easy to spot. Is there an
Orchid diner or whatever planed for Tucson?


With all the talent in this group, perhaps setting some size and
color criteria with an orchid theme would let everyone have their way.
Lots of good suggestions rolling in. Each of us could design and
make our own. Within the simple standards above, all would be
recognizable but individual. My 2 cents. Regis