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Storage and organization of many different styles and finishes of jump rings?

My jump ring collection has mushroomed. (FWIW, I do NOT make chain maille). Originally they were just in plastic bags. But I am way beyond where that works. I don’t want to weed through a bunch of bags when I may only need one of that size and finish, and perhaps that size does not work, and then I have to put it back.

Ideally when I am working in one finish (like antique brass) I want to have all sizes and gauges ready to choose, so I don’t waste time hunting (or ordering a size I already have). I keep all components in each finish in a tray. I’d been using little plastic gem vials with lids, in the tray. But I could easily use up half the tray with vials of jump rings. So space is an issue. Then I started MAKING tiny little rectangular trays out of post cards with dividers that would hold, say, 4 sizes of oval jump rings of a given gauge in that finish.

Except I outgrew that too. Conservatively speaking, I probably have 20 sizes / styles of sterling, 10 sizes / styles of white plate, 25 sizes / styles of copper, etc. I do NOT want to be opening bags or drawers. I have ADHD and need to see it all in front of me.

I need something where I can see all of them in each finish at a glance. Keeping all components of the same finish in a shallow tray works for me, because when I move from one finish to a different one, I just pick up the whole tray and put it back on the shelf. I am also extremely nearsighted, and have to work with glasses off. Having everything I need for one finish at the same focal distance means I don’t constantly have to take my glasses on and off.

Before I reinvent the wheel, tell me if there is a system I am overlooking. I look forward to hearing your ideas. Thank you!

I use these…

Darice Elizabeth Ward Bead Storage

You can configure in a variety of ways using different sized containers, everything is visible and easy to access.


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I’ve been using this system for years and I used to make a lot of chainmaille. I put a piece of paper on the inside bottom of each container with size. Size facing out so I can easily see by turning container over. It also works well for storing stones and other small parts.



I would search on “bead storage” “findings storage” and “gemstone storage”.

If your tray is used for more than storage, maybe screw together long rolls of these components for compact jump ring storage:

You could store long rolls of these laying sideways on the tray. Maybe a foam bead mat would help prevent it from rolling across the tray.

Opening individual components is probably necessary because the time saved by not opening the containers will be spent having to pick up the jump rings that spill out.

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I use fishing tackle box trays. Usually you can get them on sale for $5-8 each. Lids lift up on a hinge and have two closure lids for security. Can get them 1" thick or 2" thick. 9"x14" works great, you can stack 5-10 high. I have at least fifty and just label the end and pull out the one I need from the pile. Very durable. Much more so than the similar ones from a craft store. If they can handle being tossed around on a boat, a messy shop (mine!) is no problem! Cabellas or Gander or Bass Pro if you have one near by.

i use these
Craft Mates Pill, Medicine, Vitamin, Organizer Box | Weekly Storage and Carrying Case | 56 Locking Compartments | Clear Lids | Apothecary Products

i have one “row” for each gauge (20, 18, 16, etc) and then i write the ring size in marker on the lid.
i LOVE these in that they lock- making them super hard to split out contents!

if you search for “craftmates lockables” you’ll see that they come in a variety of sizes. i have the setup in the link above and use it for my charms.

Oh I use those containers, but I had not seen the case - I like that idea a lot.

I don’t keep jumprings in them and they don’t have covers but I use those cheap stacking ice cube trays for glass spacer beads very easy to look into and use. price is right too!

To keep jump rings and other little stuff, I use the watchmaker cases from Lee valley tools.,43326,44948 image

Buy lots of them because it gets a lot cheaper by the dozen. I also use them for cut up solder, very small gems, findings - and the best part is you can take each little can out and get what you want.

Be sure to write inside the bottom of the can what’s there - the lids get mixed up.

Judy H

Love the small covered boxes Judy describes. You can take one out without disturbing rhe rest. I did beadwork for many years - hundreds, nay thousands, of tiny things - and the boxes were terrific. Not pricey, and they come in a variety of sizes.

I use the containers from Lee Valley as well. Great for organizing jump rings and easy to see what each contains as the lid is clear. In addition to writing ring size on bottom of container, I also write on the lid for ease of use. Plus, I write on the box sides (prefer the aluminum ones) what is in each one.

I highly recommend the ArtBin plastic containers. Best place to buy is Joann fabrics because you can use their coupons. I cut my own jump rings and have one container for each size. The contains come with various numbers of compartments from 6 to 24. Within each container, I mark the bin with the “mm size” of the jump ring. It makes it very easy to use when I am working on a project. I have containers for Sterling Silver, Copper, Nu-gold, and Gold-Filled. Here is a link to the Joann webpage.