[Source] Square tube settings

Does anyone know where I might find large square silver tube
settings-- say, 10 or 11mm (with bearing-- not bezel cups)? I’ve
checked the “usual subjects”-- Rio, Otto Frei, Fire Mountain, H&S.


CGM has the largest sizes in stock in high karat golds but I don’t
know about tube style, or even princess style -might check there
first, Southeastern Findings ( pricey to say the least! whether they
have em or not =?), or just connect two “L” shaped pieces after
brazing in the bearing wire, or cutting it first with 45 d heart burs

OR you can simply bend 18 g sheet ( or heavier if you like) at 45
deg. angles, and solder to make heavy tubing, cut to length and then
cut the seats…10mm up is a hard-to-find size “in [anyone’s] stock”,
& don’t forget if using square 10- or so mm gems to use the standard
formula to achieve the proper inside diameter of your final product
(square tubing) : x stone dia. x 3.14+ the conversion in decimal
equiv. of the metal’s gauge from which you desire to make the
tubing, OR just use 3D stepped bezel, or plain 26g bezel or split
strip (H.Schmidt and Co.,New Orleans ) and insert a spring style
bearing to hold the stone…far easier than finding large non-special
ordered settings.

Noel what do you mean “with bearing”? I have ordered square tubing
by the foot in the large diameters from Metaliferous. You can saw any
length you want.

Rose Marie Christison In Denver - sorry I couldn’t go to the Cherry
Creek Festival to see your jewelry.

Hi Noel;

You’re not likely to find such creatures. Check Metaliferous (sp?)
and see if they have square tubing in sizes that can telescope
together. That way, you can saw off a length for the bezel, then cut
a shorter piece to fit down inside it and provide the bearing. On a
flat surface, you wouldn’t even need to solder in the inner tube,
just set it down and set the stone.

David L. Huffman

OR you can simply bend 18 g sheet 

I know I can make them. I can get them cast, too. I’m just trying to
come up with some ways to produce certain work quicker (so I can sell
it for less, or maybe make more profit). Often, the “big guys” can
produce things much more cheaply than I can myself. One of my
policies, often stated, is not to do anything that is done better by
a machine.

This is probably one I need to do myself.


Check Metaliferous (sp?) and see if they have square tubing in
sizes that can telescope together. 

Great idea! I checked, and there is a pair pretty much the right
size (I’m not using it for stones, so I have leeway).

It’s Metalliferous, by the way.


I am looking for a supplier/manufacturer of sterling silver-square
tube settings. Or do they even exist? I have looked high and low on
the web and cannot find them. Please help…

Yes hello, Check with Hoover & Strong they carry everything you’ll

Hoi check bijoumoderne.nl they have them in gold and silver.