[Source] Spring Hinges

Hi, I have spent quite a bit of time trying to find a source for
small spring hinges for jewelry applications. I see mention of their
use in various discussions, but can’t find a source other than Rio
Grande. Does anyone know of a source with a variety of small sizes
and different metals? Thanks!



I’m still a novice when it comes to jewelry fabrication, but I just
completed Alan Revere’s Fabrication 5 class. One of the projects I
selected was a carabiner clasp, which required a spring mechanism. I
can’t imagine purchasing a ready-made spring, as it was so easy to
make. I used steel wire (guitar wire, actually) and wrapped it
tightly around a steel rod, with a diameter slightly less that the
pin used for holding the spring (it will loosen somewhat when you
take it off the rod). You start by placing the wire perpendicular to
the rod and clamping them tightly together, leaving a tail at the
end. Wind tightly around the rod, to make the required width. Then
leave a tail at the other end of the spring (both tails need to
extend in the same direction). Slip it off the rod and you are done!

Bonnie Cooper