[Source] Spiny oyster shells

Hello, I am looking for a source of good quality spiny oyster shell
either rough or already cut.

Thank you, Vince LaRochelle

Hi, I believe Indian Jeweler’s Supply in Gallup probably still has
it in stock.


Check out Red Shell Jewelry in Gallup, NM. I have known John for
many years and he is a prime source for these shells. Here’s the web

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Try Indian Jeweler’s supply, and Thunderbird Supply in Gallup. I
think the Spiny rough is around $2.00 an ounce, if memory serves, and
they have cabs avaliable as well. You can search for either supplier.
They also have other kinds of rough shell. Watch out for the dust!
The rough sometimes has tiny little voids from other small parasites
and you really have to watch for those. I have dealt with both and
find service excellent. The usual disclaimers.

Frank A. Finley
Salish Silver
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There is a place in Gallup, NM called Red Shell that specializes in
spiny oyster. I don’t have any contact info, but you can Google it.

Allan Mason