[Source] Seed Pearls

Hello all you knowledgeable folk!

I was wondering whether anyone could tell me where one could get
good seed pearls, or very small pearls like the ones you see in
antique jewellery. I know nothing about them and have trawled ebay
and googled, and all the ones on offer have holes in them! I would
be most appreciative of any anyone may have.

Many thanks in advance
Christel in wintery West Oz

Hi Christel, I bought a couple of parcels of these from K&K in
Melbourne - 03 9654 4449, Charles and Katherine, great people, tell
them Christine in S.A. sent you, :slight_smile: cu,


Dear Christel,

Our company sells natural seed pearls: undrilled rounds, half pearls
as well as strands. They have not made it to our website yet, but
e-mail off line me and I’ll provide you with any I can.

Mary Stachura
Joseph P. Stachura Co., Inc.

HI Christine

Sorry to take so long to respond! Flat out moving house etc. THanks
heaps for the tip. Haven’t contacted them yet but will this week.
Apparently Paspaley are stockpiling all small pearls and there is
just nothing around! Hope to see you in Adelaide at the conference!
JMGA WA are exhibiting at Zu and are hoping that we get a grant for
al the costs, catalogue etc. Fingers crossed!

Cheers and thanks again,

Good morning,

I was keeping my eyes pealed for the thread on a seed pearl supplier
because I too was interested in finding a supplier - Are You
disclosing this info to all or just this one jeweler? If You are
willing to share I’d be grateful but understand if You don’t want to.

Mary R.


I had been searching for seed pearls for a long time. I finally
found a place called Oriental Pearls. I really, really like the
pearls and I think they were a great bargain!!! The holes are not
that big so I had to drill them out a little, but the pearl quality
is good. http://www.orientalpearls.net

Good Luck!
Aimee Domash

I have no idea what some of you are calling seed pearls, seed pearls
are usually under 2mm, too small to drill.

Richard Hart

seed pearl supplier... Are You disclosing this info to all or just
this one jeweler? 

hi Mary, K&K Export import Company is a business so I assume they
would be happy to do business with you as long as they have the
stock. I addressed the reply to Christel 'cause i know her. They are
great to deal with, so good luck,

Cheers, Christine

Hi Richard, I have a good many seed pearls under 1mm that are
drilled. They are found in antique jewelry. Take care. Tom Arnold

Sure they can be drilled…


Hi Christel,

Here are two good sources:

  1. pearlgoddess.com
  2. empyreanbeads.com

Happy beading and keep shining,

Sure they can be drilled... 

Yes they can. I had thought about all the vintage jewelry I had
repaired with seed pearls set in prongs. Forgetting about the pieces
that have a wire running though the pearls around a gold frame.

Richard Hart

I purchased some beautiful strands of seed pearls in Tucson last
Feb. from Pearl Exporting Company. But are you looking for undrilled
pearls? You’ll probably need to contact them to see if they carry

They specialize in natural colored Akoya keshi pearls of very fine
quality. Their luster has a very silky look. They will even restring
the tiny little buggers for you onto whatever clasp and/or pendant
you chose to create for them.

Bonnie Cooper

MJSA Expo shows in NYC are always abundant with nice pearls,
including seed pearls. And yes, they can certainly be and have been
drilled before.