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[Source] Scotch stones

Anyone know where to get these? I keep hearing they are very useful,
but cant actually find any. I did find “silversmith stones” at MSC

which are aluminum oxide and obviously not the same thing (though
they look interesting as well)

Todd Welti
Living Color Opal and Intarsia

Hi Todd,

Also known as water of ayr stone or tam o shanter stone, Various
sizes are available from :-

kind regards
Don Iorns


You might try the Daniel Smith catolog as my experience with scotch
stone is as a printmaker.


Allcraft in New York. Don’t know if they have them on their somewhat
sparce web site, but give Tevel (the owner) a call. They do indeed
have them, so far as I know. Not too many other places in the U.S.
do, from what I’ve seen…



The best source for stones of all types is Gessswein;
An alternate with less selection and slightly lower prices would be;

Daniel Culver

Todd, They used to be used in the Printing Trades and if you are in
a big enough town that has a printers supply house go in and ask for
Scotch Hones! You will probably get more than you want as the last
time, 30 years ago, I bought some and I had to get a dozen. These are
sticks about 1/4" square and about 5" long They were inexpensive

Jim B

I bought some from Graphic Chemical Sales.
1/4", 1/8" - Price : $6.50

Gesswein has a die and mold making catalog with Hundreds of items you
won’t see in ordinary tool catalogues. You may have to call them to
request a catalog.

are aluminum oxide and obviously not the same thing (though they
look interesting