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[Source] Rose cut diamonds

Hello out there, I am recreating some classical jewelry pieces and
need a source for Rose cut and Briolette diamonds. Any suggestions?
Your help is much appreciated! Dawn

All, I’m looking for a source for Rose cut diamonds.

J Morley Goldsmith Laserwelding

Stuller is carrying some Rose Cut Diamonds in sizes from 1.5 to 3mm,
but if you are looking for older style rose cut Diamonds please
contact me off list. I have a pendant that was made early in the 20th
cent. with various sizes up to about 1/4ct. that I have available

Greg DeMark
Custom Jewelry - Handmade Jewelry - Antique Jewelry

All, I'm looking for a source for Rose cut diamonds. 

JMD Gems, Inc., 580 Fifth Ave., Ste. 1508, NY, NY 10036;
212-840-8599 or (toll free) 888-JMD-GEMS. These are new, calibrated
(not “previously owned”) diamonds, which JMD manufactures. I bought a
few from them in Tucson. Very pretty.


Hi there

I am G.G. and a Jewellery designer from India - with family business
in Dimaonds from last 40 years - we can help you with all kinds of
diamonds - my uncle specialises in rose cut diamonds and we can get
you all kinds of qualities and quantities and all kinds of cuts
including rounds, briolettes and uneven shapes. Let me know if you
are interested. We work on COD basis only, you can order a sample if
you wish.

Best regards
Sonali Pratik Sheth

Does anyone know a good source for rose cut diamonds in a variety of

Larry Heyda

For rose cut diamonds:

Francis Love [belove at cybermesa dot com]. Very good guy! I trust
him and like his goods.

Marianne Hunter

I use a few people…

Will cut them for you in different colors & sizes…

Lakhi Gems Group
Laredo, TX
Sailesh Lakhi


Los Angeles

I’m looking for a rose cut, white diamond in the 2ct range with
reasonably good color and clarity and excellent symmetry and polish.
Does anyone have a suggestion for an honest and reliable dealer who
specializes in this cut?


tried looking in the archives but only came up with one source for
these which I plan on calling this week. I am looking for rose cut
diamonds in sizes 1.5mm to 4mm in size. From white, cognac, and brown
shades. Preferably members of AGTA.


am re-posting as I got no responses with the first inquiry.

I am looking to venture back into wholesale (SS, 18KT). I searched
the archives but there’s very little mentioned about terms.

What I want to know is: do you allow a dollar to dollar return for
jewelry purchased via wholesale? Is it two for one? What are the
industry accepted terms? Also, is a 6 months return policy
sufficient? Or does it have to be a year?

I wholesaled very early on and never got to getting paid and was
rotating stock every month. It was a dollar to dollar return.


Also, does anyone have a wholesale source for rosecut diamonds (all
sizes and colors).


I am looking for rose cut diamonds in sizes 1.5mm to 4mm in size.
From white, cognac, and brown shades. Preferably members of AGTA. 

The last time I needed a rose cut diamond I special ordered it from

Paf Dvorak

If you go to the big wholesale jewelry shows and buy something mostly
it is yours for ever. Some do offer exchange after a year but some
also require youto purchase new items at the same time 50/50 as I

Never a 30 day program… I personally do a 1 year exchange if they
purchase another equal or larger amount.

I’d go to mark at Rock Deco - he seems to have a good inventory.