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[Source] Marcasite

Does anyone know where I can purchase the small marcasite stones that
are used in the inexpensive sterling silver jewelry?

I was helping a student solder a ring that she was sizing down. As
usual, everyone wanted help at the same time. I did not even look at
the top of the ring. Due to my haste, I lost most of the marcasite.

Timothy A. Hansen
TAH Handcrafted Jewelry
P.M.B. 131, 305 N. Second Ave.
Upland, California 91786-6028
E-Mail: @Timothy_A_Hansen

Timothy, There was some one at the last GLW show I attended that was
selling marcasite, maybe you could phone them and ask who it was.
They usually put it in their catalogs, who is selling what. If you
don’t have any luck I will try to find mine and look it up for you.
Regards, Susan Chastain…

Hi Timothy,

Try Matthew Ribarich, PO Box 10104, Costa Mesa CA 92627. His phone is
714-645-9017; email, I’ve purchase marcasites from
him in the past & was well pleased with the quality, price & service.


I found in Lapidary Journal’s Buyer’s
Guide. Haven’t purchased any myself Hypo cement is good for glueing
them in. Regards,

Hey, Tim buddy! Try SWEST, I used to get them in several different
sizes from them. Sorry I don’t have the Ph. # handy, but it should be
easy to find it. I’ve also found that some of my stone suppliers also
can get them for me. Hope this helps.
Matt @ Contemporary Industrial Arts

Thanks for all the responses to my previous quest to find a source
for lapis. Now I need to find a source for .5 mm marcasite. I’ve
checked the Stuller catalog and the smallest they have is 1.0 mm.

My apologies to those who emailed me about the lapis for not getting
back to you yet. My mother was hospitalized last week and it has
thrown my schedule out of kilter.

Bonnie Cooper