[Source] Large Broach Findings

Does anyone know of a good source for larger broach findings (Pins
and Catches) ? The ones in the Rio Grande Catalog are so small I
have trouble even opening them myself let alone expecting a customer
to. I know they use larger style catches in Europe.

Thanks for any help in this matter


My manufacturer makes my brooch pin catches including the bails
behind my orchids. He is 73 years old and learned his trade in Brazil
at age 19. (which is rather old to learn a trade, normally it’s
14)…another neat little trick he does is add a slider/pin
combination to my designs. My designs aren’t typical so he has to be
creative. These are very simple bail/pin/slider designs but they take
on a very elegant custom look.

I tried to attached a picture but that bounced back at me. That
ashame too…a picture says a thousand words and that picture could
have shown you an alternative to purchasing ready made pieces. If
anyone is interested in seeing what Mr. Kracht does…just email me.

Dawn V. (Newbie)

I’ve gotten nice pin findings from New York Findings and EdMar

Otto Frei has them, but you must be a registered for findings.

Leonid Surpin.