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Hi guys,

I’m looking for “iron wire,” which seems to be just steel wire which
is not galvanized, can’t find it online or at any local hardware
store – I’ve checked three.

Am I calling it the wrong thing? Where can I buy, either locally or
by mail?

P.S. Not looking for binding wire, want something thicker.

Thanks so much,

It is binding wire that you want. It’s just the big stuff. Go to the
local hardware store, find the cement and rebar, and it will be in
that area. You can find some pretty heavy duty wire there. It will
be for tieing the rebar together for making reinforcements for the

Michael Johnson

I'm looking for "iron wire," which seems to be just steel wire
which is not galvanized, can't find it online or at any local
hardware store -- I've checked three. 

We call it tie wire out here. About 14-16 ga., I would guess. It’s
used to tie rebar together, and mesh to rebar. Rebar is used in
concrete to strengthen a form. I find mine at the local True-Value
store, but I’ve also seen it in lumber stores, Home Depot and Lowe’s
where all the other concrete supplies are.

industrial hardware houses, MSC, Mcmaster-Carr, Grainger, Enco, each
one of these has a site so do your search, you can buy any thickness
steel wire by the pound.

Hratch Babikian


Try asking for ‘black iron wire’. Probably how their inventory
computer lists it. It is black, but a low grade steel not iron.
Several diameters usually offered.

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Hi Elaine:

Look for black iron stovepipe wire. At least in Cali-land, OSH
carries it. It’s very heavy, and not galvanized. (14 ga) Failing
that, try a welding supply house, or someone who deals in rebar.
Rebar tie wire is pretty heavy, and not galvanized.


black iron wire is annealed, the others are steel or ferrous alloys.
You can buy stainelss steel tie wire in various gauges as well in
the hardware store - that allows you to introduce tied on work pieces
to pickle without contaminating it- all the others mentioned must not
come into contact with your pickle (copper wire may be used but it
is less desirable because it depletes the pickle sooner- and unless
ou are making a plating or granulation solution the point of your
question was related to assembling components for soldering,Black or
annealed iron binding wire is cheapest by the pound (usually it’s
spooled) and then you can make a quite effective soldering wig for
easy positioning and heat sinking when working silver…sci-plus.com
sells a couple of pounds of it (about 2 1/12 lbs.) for under 3
dollars Buying it through specifically jewelers supply houses is the
most costly wa to buy it- the same stuff is available at most
hardware/home stores…

I’ve bought black annealed steel from Philip A. Rand Co.Inc. (617)
332-1900. 139 California Street Newton, MA 02458

A 12 LB coil (one stone) was about $20.00- last I ordered, about 5
years ago.

Warning! This steel is not sold by the B&S gauge measurement that we
are used to. So check the sizes carefully when ordering. Also, it is
usually ordered by the coil (a 12 pound coil weights one stone) or
one pound spools.

We used this steel in Ellen Wieske’s fabulous workshop- Tinkering in
Wire. If you ever get a chance to take a class with Ellen, she’s
wonderful. I’m still exploring techniques I learned from her.

I hope this helps!
Kate Wolf in Portland, Maine hosting wicked good workshops by the bay.
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