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[Source] Filligree drawplate


Where I can purchase a high quality tungsten carbide drawplate? Otto
Frie has the exact one I need (Tungsten Carbide Drawplate 0.12MM To
0.24MM 10 Holes SRM-01) but they have been out of stock for months
and every time I ask when it will be in they say a few weeks (but it
never is).

Looking forward to learning and sharing with Ganoksin.

Best regards,
Lois Gore

Rio Grande has this tungsten carbide drawplate that goes from 9g to
29g. Item #113561

I have one similar to this that I have used for years and have been
very happy with it.

Best wishes,
Victoria Lansford


We have this in stock and can help you.

Kenneth Singh

Hi Lois,

You may contact either Stuller or RioGrande. They oth have the
Tungsten Carbide Draw plate, I purchased mine from Rio and have been
doing Filigree work for years without problem.


Thank you for the help in finding a Tungsten Carbide, 0.12MM T
0.24MM, 10 Holes SRM-01. It will draw wire to 34g, which is what I
need. The ones mentioned will only take me to 28-29 gauge. Otto Frie
has it back ordered from Italy but it only comes in twice a year. I
need it now.

Kenneth at karat 46, do you carry this one? Should I e-mail you

Best regards,

Dear Karat 46,

You have ended a long and frustrating search for the tungsten
carbide drawplate SMR-01. My heartfelt thanks go out to you.

All my best,