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[Source] Faceted Gemstones


Hello everyone!:

I use quite a few high-end ruby, emerald, sapphire, tourmaline,
coral, etc. (well-faceted) beads in my work, and I also resell them.
I’m currently seeking a new supplier (too much markup!), and I need
to find the/a manufacturer who can give me a really excellent
bargain. I’m willing to buy in LARGE quantity, I can do orders of
several thousand dollars, and I’m willing to import as well. However,
the prices must be really, really good–I know the market, and how
much I need to pay for them, so please do not waste my time if the
supplier you are thinking of cannot beat ebay’s prices. LOL

Sorry if I’m a bit blunt, but it’s annoying when websites/business
advertise as “wholesale” or “manufacturer” and are quite expensive
and cannot possibly be supplying to the trade. I dislike looking for
sources, so if you can provide me with the goods at an excellent (or
better yet, unbeatable!) price, then you will get a repeat customer.

I would really appreciate anyone’s help or info.

Thank You~ :slight_smile:



I notice you said nothing about quality… In this game several
thousands of dollars often gets you just one good stone! When you
are talking 10’s and 100’s of thousands of dollars then the word
"LARGE" comes into play. 1000’s is just pocket change in this

I’ll be blunt too. I would not refer my suppliers to you. They all
deal in quality, first and foremost.

My students are always bringing me Ebay stuff. I get to teach them
about fisheye, crooked girdles, and such. Yes, there is much good
stuff out there too. I guess I just don’t get to see much of it.

Bill Churlik


It is funny that you think that e-bay has the best prices. If that is
the case why but anywhere else? I have never seen a gemstone
purchased off of e-bay that wasn’t the worst of its type, even
certed diamonds. In gemstones as in life, you get what you pay for.



Hi Dennis -

I wanted to respond to this: I have never seen a gemstone
purchased off of e-bay that wasn't the worst of its type, 

Granted, I haven’t purchased stones, I have only purchased stone
beads, but my experience has certainly differed from yours. I have
had the experience that some of the things that I’ve won have been
very disappointing, but there are beads that I have won that made my
heart sing. That’s how I learn about eBay sellers and which ones to

I will admit that it’s a shame that one has to actually pay to learn
this lesson - some vendors allow returns, some don’t - but I have
found it to be extremely worthwhile in the long run.


I wanted to respond to this: I have never seen a gemstone purchased
off of e-bay that wasn't the worst of its type 

I have bought some very disappointing stones on eBay, and others
that were wonderful. I bought a sugilite cab that it so vibrant that
people stop me in public to look at it. I’ve been unable to find
anything to match it, though I just bought some rough (on eBay) that
looks promising, if I can find time to cut it. EBay is also the
only place I have been able to find sugilite, or nuumite, which is
an unusual and attractive stone.

I have also bought some really nice faceted stones on eBay. I would
advise, though, reading feedback comments, and only buying from
sellers who will take returns.



An American friend of mine is living, buying and cutting rough in
South America. The product cost is exceptional. I average selling
75cts per day while on the road. With new accounts, not established.
Which tells me the price is right and quality equal or better than
any other overseas manufacturer. 0.50- dollars per carat.

Ed Cleveland


I would like to find a good source for gem stones as well. I use to
get them from Thai Gems, but due to circumstances out of my control,
I was not able to purchase anything for a while. But I usually was
happy with quality and price ( even with the shipping ). But now I
see Thai gems has gone to some kind of Vegas style game playing to
buy and the prices have gone up a whole lot since I bought
there last. From the photos the quality is about the same though. I
dont need to buy many right now, but at least some more so I can work
on my setting skills.




if you are looking for practice material go to you
can buy cz from him in lots of 50 100 1000 for pretty cheap. i use
the stuff for model making and case display jewelry. they always
have closeout specials and the quality of the higher grades is
exceptional - goo