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[Source] Diamond Micro Files

I’m looking for diamond micro files. I bought them from Rio about 3
years ago and they no longer carry them. They are called Micro File
Set/3, Diamond, Round, 400M. They were made in the UK. And they were
expensive, at least $50. The Rio number for them was 114860. I also
bought the square set at the time (#114861).

I called Rio, but they told me that they don’t give out information
about their vendors. They said they could special order them, but
they want a minimum order. I only want one set.

Does anyone know where I can purchase these same files?

Thanks for any help you can offer,
Diane Weimer

Falcon Tools has various sets of sintered diamond files- that’s why
the cost of the Rio ones were higher than the average readily
available plated/coated files…however, for relatively decent needle
files with industrial diamond plating, you can get the harbor
freight set for under 6 bucks, they work fine for about a year or so,
if you clean them after using. You can find many distributors selling
imported ( chinese and pakistani) diamond files for upwards of 10
bucks a set (6), or as I said, Falcon Tools has a variety of
offerings,all pricier than plated ones…I have used many diamond
files and all do the exact same thing, grit for grit and style for
style. I consider them consumables though and for my money and given
the preformance of sintered vs. plated, the difference is marginal
for the cost of sintered vs. plated…Most of the sets you find in
the 15-20 buck range are all the same imported plated grade that
harbour freight sells…so why pay more?

Thanks for the but the files I am looking for are about
the size of a pencil lead. It makes it easy to get into small places
on pierce work.


the files I am looking for are about the size of a pencil lead. 

Try a diamond saw blade in a jeweler’s saw frame. It might work for
the work you describe. Also I can’t think of any file available that
is available in a smaller format.


Stuller has a small selection of diamond micro files. If you don’t
have their tools catalog, pg. 239, you can find then on their web

Joel Schwalb

I am looking for are about the size of a pencil lead. 

broaches may be what you want then, they are pencil lead thin and
taper in some models…and are UK made in most instances…

I am looking for are about the size of a pencil lead. 

Titan Diamond Needle Files .1181 inch file comes in 3 grits: fine,
medium and coarse.


have you thought about perhaps making them yourself ? diamond powder
and nickel plating and some carefull attention to stir the soloution
and turn the file core on a regular basis the diamond stirs and
settles on the metal core and the nickel plates around the grains,
ive seen it done didnt look majorly complicated perhaps its worth an
attempt - goo

Hi Diane,

I would be surprised if you found diamond files as small as you
suggest - probably the smallest you will find are here but you may like to look at watchmakers’
seconds hole files (can’t find a US link
for these) which are tiny and are the smallest round files you will
find anywhere. Second best would be a round escapement file such as
one of these or
These are all normal steel files but are ideal for working on all
but the hardest of metals (I use them all the time on annealed tool
steel but they may struggle on hardened titanium etc.).

Best wishes,
Ian W. Wright
Sheffield UK

I know that glass bead workers use small diamond files when they
remove the bead from the mandral and clean up the hole.

Charles Friedman DDS
Ventura by the Sea

For those who are looking for special diamond files:

There are diamond discs with PSA on the back which come in various
grits. These are the thin ones meant to be applied to a 5" or 6"
base. They can be cut with a jeweler’s saw blade so you can cut any
shape you’d like.

Leave the backing on until you’ve done the sawing part; then remove
or leave on.


Hi Diane,

I think I know what you’re looking for; I have ruby files that are
close to that. Check and search for “ruby files”.